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Nest - Smart Thermostat

All refurbished properties on the Lancaster West estate will be fitted with a smart thermostat. The Nest device will help you save energy by allowing better control of the temperature of your home and monitor the amount of energy you use. 

You can access the Nest Thermostat remote control via a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to prepare the house for your arrival. There's also control for your hot water tank, so you only heat what you need. 

Please find translated Farsi & Somali versions of the tutorial video below by following the links below.
Nest Thermostat Tutorial - FARSI
Nest Thermostat Tutorial - SOMALI

Nest Thermostat Tutorial

Clean & Green White Goods

All our refurbished empty properties are equipped with brand new integrated cookers, induction hobs, and fridge freezers. 

On Lancaster West, we’re keen to improve the energy performance of our residents’ homes and their experience of living in them. An Bosch Serie 4 induction cooker has been provided to save energy and improve safety. 

Please find translated Farsi & Somali versions of the tutorial video below by following the links below.
Nest Thermostat Tutorial - FARSI
Nest Thermostat Tutorial - SOMALI

Induction Hob Tutorial

Timeline and order of works

When will my property be refurbished? 

Our internal refurbishment programme launched in 2020 and we are aiming to scale up in Spring 2021. Major block works such as windows, heating and hot water and door entry systems are also due to commence in 2021. These works are part of the external refurbishment programme. 

I see properties on the estate being refurbished already. Can mine be done now? 

Our new in-house refurbishment team has been working on properties as they become empty. Some of these refurbished flats have been used to host Open House events. These homes are then let under the Local Lettings Plan, which in a points-based system giving priority to residents on the estate at the time of the tragedy. In addition, our in-house refurbishment team have replaced kitchens in 14% of homes and bathrooms in 15% of homes.  We commenced a pilot programme of in-situ refurbishments in late 2020 this year and intend to scale up these works to the wider estate, subject to the impact of the pandemic. 

Will the blocks be refurbished one at a time? 
It is highly unlikely that all properties in one block will be carried out at the same time. Once the detailed design phase is complete, we will be able to start prioritising the order of works to keep disruption and cost to a minimum, and agree the timing of internal works with you at a household level. 

Resident choice

Will I get a say on the individual features that are included in the refurbishment of my home?  

Yes, although residents have already given priorities for their block, we will be consulting with residents of each home individually nearer the time to finalise the choice of styles, fixtures and fittings and appliances.  [Your Home. Your Choice. Brochure photo] 

Living with the refurbishment

Will I need to live at my property while the works take place?  

We are developing a Decant Scheme which will allow residents who would rather move to an already refurbished property to be able to do so, relinquishing their current home. A pool of temporary accommodation will also be held for those households who need it. Any costs for temporary accommodation will need to be met from within the refurbishment fund.

Keeping up to date on the progress of the internal refurbishment

How do I keep up to date with the refurbishment programme? 

We post regular updates on our Instagram feed @Lancasterwestneighbourhoodteam and you can keep up to date via your W11 app using the link below.

Creating a 21st century model estate

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How is the outbreak of Covid-19 affecting the refurbishment?  

We have secured agreement that given the health and safety implications, the Lancaster West refurbishment is essential work, and we will continue to progress subject to any changes in public health guidance in the months ahead. Where work continues, we will undertake the work ensuring that appropriate PPE and physical distancing is in place.


More information about the refurbishment decant scheme