Money MOT scheme for Lancaster West residents

Do you need support with paying rent, debts, applying for benefits or any other financial support? Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have partnered with local organisation Nova to provide Lancaster West residents with financial support.

Who is it for?

Whether you need support with rent arrears, applying for benefits and benefit recalculations, employment or anything else related to your finances, we are here to help.  

What support can I get?  

We can help with: 
  • budgeting support and debt relief
  • rent and utility arrears benefits calculations and assessment preparation (Universal Credit, Personal Independence Payment, Discretionary Housing Payments)
  • support into employment including CVs, applications, interviews and managing transitioning into employment
  • advocacy in appointments
  • emergency Cash First grants of up to £1000 for bills/household goods or emergency support’ 

How do I register?  

If you would help and support, please contact Alexander Coackley from Nova at or 020 8960 2488.

Where do I go?

Nova will be available every Thursday (11am-5pm) in Unit 30, Baseline Studios to provide support though is not limited to this time. You can drop in to make your appointment. Nova will arrange initial contact you at a time that works best for you.