Thermal Camera Loan Scheme

A home that loses heat easily requires heating to be turned up or left on for extended periods just to keep it warm, which means high energy bills for the household.  With high energy prices driving up the cost of living, saving on energy has become more important than ever.   LWNT have available several thermal imaging cameras that you can now borrow for free. These cameras are used to identify problem areas within your home where heat loss occurs.   
Typically, air leaks or thermal bridging occurs around roof joints, walls, windows, doors, or cracks in the fabric of the building.  By using the camera, you can measure the surfaces in your home and identify any weak spots, which will be highlighted in deep purple on screen.  
There are 2 types of cameras available through the GSA Thermal Camera Loan Scheme, the FLIR One Edge and FLIR C3-X.  
These are lightweight, portable, user-friendly and require minimal setup, so are ideal for checking all parts of the home. 
 The FLIR One Edge requires you to have an IOS or Android mobile device, while the FLIR C3-X is stand alone and does not require attaching to any other device. 
Click on the below button to view further instructions and the terms and conditions of the scheme.   If you have any questions regarding the cameras or more information about participating in the scheme, please contact Hazel Dion at or on 07890 396 981.       
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