As we pass 1000 hours of volunteer time at Lancaster West so far this year, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of LancWest Connects!
What is LancWest Connects? LancWest Connects enables positive connections within the community and the environment around us. 
This volunteer scheme provides opportunities for anyone to offer their skills, time and support to the surrounding community. 
Benefits of volunteering can include: 
  • improved health and wellbeing, 
  • increased confidence, 
  • building community connections, 
  • team building, 
  • and also learning new skills for anyone involved! 
Plus, it’s a great opportunity to contribute, connect and support Lancaster West and our wider community. From transforming and maintaining green spaces on the estate, helping with community events, and offering digital support to residents, there’s a variety of ways to get involved. 

This year so far, we have had a total of 53 regular volunteers, and 46 corporate volunteers, all possible through the partners that we regularly work with! 
LancWest Connects has a greater impact too. We offer training opportunities and pathways into employment, and have supported 3 resident volunteers into employment since August 2023! 
Find out more about getting involved as an individual, partnering with us, or bringing a volunteer group to the estate, by contacting or coming into Baseline Business Studios!