How to keep your home ventilated

Having the right level of ventilation at home is very important in maintaining good indoor air quality and removing pollutants like cooking fumes.  Ventilation also helps regulate internal moisture levels that come from day to day life, and helps prevent problems of damp and black mould growth which can be harmful to our health.
-  Make sure to regularly ventilate high moisture areas like kitchens, utility rooms, and bathrooms to prevent damp and mould build up. Opening windows, even just for a few minutes, is an effective way of ventilating. 
-  If your windows have them, leave the trickle vents open and try to only close them during extreme wintery conditions. 
-  Leave the extractor fan on for at least 20 minutes after cooking, bathing, or showering.
-  Cover your pots and pans with lids whilst cooking to minimise vapour. 
-  If you dry laundry indoors, make sure the windows and doors are open to increase air circulation. 
-  Pick up an air quality monitor from Baseline Studios to keep an eye on the humidity levels in your home. For more information, visit our page or call 0800 389 2005.
-  If you are concerned about condensation and mould in your home, contact LWNT for a free condensation and mould MOT.  The team will come to survey your home and create a plan to help you tackle the problem.  

Condensation and Mould MOT