Future-proofing local skills for a carbon-neutral economy.

The Green Skills Academy is an initiative which provides FREE training and work experience for North Kensington residents, small business owners, and community members.
Formed to help bring new jobs to local residents and deliver the RBKC Council Plan - working with local people to transform Notting Dale ward into an eco-neighbourhood by 2030, upskilling local people to secure green jobs and provide renewable energy for residents' homes.
From retrofit and energy efficiency, to horticulture and upcycling, green skills are in demand across a wide variety of sectors. All of these jobs are vital to the Borough and the UK achieving their carbon neutrality goals, making it a high-growth industry to get involved with.
If you're an individual, we can help you gain accredited, green qualifications, or learn about how to adapt to the climate crisis.
If you're a business, we can help you to shift towards sustainability with green business training. 
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