Bramley House Refurbishment Specification

Paint - Dulux


Langley Roof & Walkway PMMA Coatings

2. TA-30 Flat roofing system

4. L42538 A - Drawing

Green roof design

3. EGR Rev.01

4. EGR Rev.06

5. EGR SB Sedum Blanket Green Roof System (Warm Roof)

6. EGR irrigation 

PV Design EGR

6. Tiger Mono-facial All Black 380-400 Watt

7. MCS PV0163 Issue 17 Jinko Solar. Ltd. Rev Snapshot

9. SolarEdge Firefighter Gateway

10. Power Optimizer P370-P601_DS-000047-2.1-ENG - REV.

10. Power Optimizer P370-P601_DS-000047-2.1-ENG - VALID FROM 2021-08-30

11. SolarEdge Energy Bank 

12. Single Phase Inverter with HD-Wave Technology

13. Certificate of compliance REV1

14. SolarEdge Energy Bank Installation and Operation guide



FIRS Installation 

Fire Access Report