Camborne Mews

Camborne Mews - Initial Design Ideas

The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team and the architects Energy Conscious Design (ECD) held a webinar to update residents of Camborne Mews on the co-design process of their block. ECD have been appointed by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team to develop initial design ideas for the refurbishment of Camborne Mews and move towards the commitment to transform the estate to becoming net zero-carbon by 2030. 
This webinar was pre-recorded with the ECD team to give residents the details of what is being proposed for your block. Residents will be able to meet the architects and discuss the initial refurbishment design ideas in an out door pop up event on Thursday 26 August 2021 between 4-6:30pm.  

Camborne Mews Initial Design Ideas Feedback Report

Contact your Block Rep

You may wish to contact your Block Rep Karl Hevera to engage in further discussions about the design and the delivery of the refurbishments.

If you do not already have your Block Reps contact details, please contact us at or call 0800 389 2005 and we will put you in touch.