Notting Dale Heat Network

Tell us what you think?

Tell us what you think?

The Notting Dale Heat Network aims to make our homes healthier, safer and able to achieve net-zero carbon by 2030. To make Lancaster West Estate ‘gas-free’ by 2030, we need to replace the heating and hot water systems on the estate, with a more reliable and affordable system.

A renewable heat network would provide all homes at Lancaster West Estate with affordable heating and hot water from a renewable energy centre.  

As part of the programme, we would:
  • Upgrade radiators, plumbing and hot water supplies in every home 
  • Provide new heating controls, in each room and centrally with your home 
  • Improve overall energy efficiency in your home, with more affordable bills 
  • Remove gas on the estate, and improve air quality 
  • Remove the temporary boiler for the Walkways 

You can read what residents have told us so far in our summary report below.

Over 200 residents have shared their thoughts on the heat network so far. We don’t want to miss out on your opinion.

Take a moment today, to let us know if you support the proposed renewable heat network for Lancaster West Estate by following the link below.

Your Refurb, Your Choice: Future heating and hot water

On March 29th 2021, the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team held an online meeting with the residents of the Lancaster West Estate. We discussed the future of the heating and hot water on the estate. The meeting was hosted by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team's Shaun Haden with Jeff Laidler and Janet Hall and Neil Griffiths from TACE. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions.

Your Refurb, Your Choice: Future Heating & Hot Water