Monthly sessions looking at different aspects of sustainability

Welcome to the Sustainability Series!

These monthly sessions are open to both residents and staff and will look at different aspects of sustainability. Each month there will be a 30 minute talk by leading organisations on the topic, followed by an open discussion. Scroll down to explore the different topics and watch recordings of the sessions.

Next session - 23rd February

The next session will be 3pm-4pm on Tuesday 23rd February.

This month we will be talking about the subject of Retrofitting. Retrofitting is the act of refurbishing and modernising existing homes and buildings to make them more energy efficient, warm and sustainable.  

The UK needs to retrofit 26 million homes by 2050 in order to meet its target to reduce carbon emissions by 80%.

The Retrofit Academy have been at the forefront of the debate around the challenge to retrofit the UK’s housing stock. Their CEO David Pierpoint will be joining us to explain what retrofitting is, why it is so important and the relevance of PAS 2035, the government standard for delivering whole-house retrofit. 

Come, listen, learn and have your questions answered. 

Want a sneak-peak introduction to retrofitting? here’s a video. it tells the story of a local authority as it wrestles with whether it should adopt PAS 2035, or stick to what they know…

You can join the session on Microsoft Teams here or by phone on +44 20 3321 5213, 206220996#  Phone Conference ID: 206 220 996#. 

Session 1 - Embodied carbon

Session 1 - Embodied carbon

In January we discussed embodied carbon with the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) and ECD Architects, including a presentation of a case study on Verity Close - Lancaster West's first low-energy home. You can watch the session and view the slides below. 

Embodied carbon