Body MOT 1-2-1 consultation sessions

1-2-1 consultation sessions every Monday, 12pm-5pm (45 minute sessions) at the Lancaster West Estate Community Centre. These sessions help: 
  • Eliminate or reduce physical pains
  • Reduce the dependency on medicine
  • Manage and prevent injuries Improve mental health 
If you would like to attend please contact Layla on 07436793264 or

Body MOT stretch and mobility sessions

Stretch and mobility sessions every Thursday, 9.15am-11.15am at the Lancaster West Estate Community Centre 
 Join our stretch & mobility group sessions which aim to help improve mobility and relieve physical pain for residents through a holistic approach. 
The sessions will also deliver educational and practical stretching and mobility classes that target the areas of concern for each person.
Benefits of stretch and mobility sessions include: Increased blood flow to the body
  • Improved posture
  • Helping heal and prevent injuries
  • Anxiety and stress relief

Please contact Layla on 074367 93264 or to book a session.