New triple-glazed windows being installed in Treadgold House!

As part of the whole-block deep retrofit of Treadgold Housing on the Lancaster West Estate, Idealcombi Futura+ windows are being installed in every home. 
The new windows have increased thermal performance, with triple glazing keeping your home warm and energy efficient. 
In the future, this will translate into to lower heating bills and a significant reduction in energy consumption. 
Their modern finish is updating the look of the block, blending contemporary design with functionality. The new ironmongery enhances ergonomics, meaning the windows are designed with residents in mind and are simple open and close. They are also fully reversible, spinning almost a full spin (360 degrees), making cleaning and maintenance easy! 
The windows contribute to enhanced noise reduction, blocking out external disturbances to keep your home nice and quiet. 
The installation of the new triple-glazed windows brings us one step closer to our shared goal of becoming a carbon neutral estate by 2030.
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