Walkways Roof Improvements Webinar

On Monday 16 May, Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team held an online meeting with residents of Barandon Walk, Testerton Walk and Hurstway Walk on the Lancaster West Estate to discuss the roof improvement works for their blocks. Architects for the Walkways Karacusevic Carson Architects (KCA) were able to present the designs for the roofs and explain the impact this will have on the buildings and homes, and residents had the chance to ask questions.

Your block is entering phase 2 of the refurbishment co-design

To begin the second phase of the refurbishment co-design, we’re inviting all Walkways residents to a webinar and drop-in event about the replacement and upgrade of Barandon Walk, Testerton Walk and Hurstway Walk roofs.

The improvement works will involve installation of new warm-deck energy efficient roofs, new double-glazed atrium rooflights with integrated Automatically Opening Vents (AOVs) to improve ventilation and weather proofing of communal areas, installation of new terrace screens and pergolas, new roof handrails, futureproofing of roof drainage, and installation of steelwork for potential installation of solar PVs.

You can find out more information about the upcoming works, give your preferences and choices, and talk to the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team, as well as your block architects (KCA) at the two events listed below:

Live Webinar: Monday 16 May 6-7pm 

Roof Improvement works & Dry Riser resident drop-in: Thursday 19 May 4-7pm, North Kensington Resource Centre (NKRC) 

Have your say!

Prior to the start of works, we're asking residents to fill in a survey to express their preferences on the colour and finish of the new rooflight frame, potential roof railing, and upgrades to the top floor terrace screens and pergolas. We will share potential block designs to help you with the survey.

You can view the different options being presented in the booklet below. 

If you are ready to give your preferences and choices now, you can do this by one of three ways: 
  • Return the survey you were sent in the post by dropping it into one of our W11 LWNT silver survey boxes outside the doors of Baseline Studios 
  • Send photos of your completed survey via WhatsApp to Linda Fenelon on 07814 608999 
  • Fill in the survey online, click here.  
If you would like to book a meeting to talk to someone from the team, click here.

It is really important residents return the survey before the deadline by 11pm on Friday 3 June

Walkways Phase 2: Emerging Preferences and Choices, Roof Works

Thank you to all Walkway residents who came to the roof pop-up event

Thank you to all Walkway residents who came to our recent roof works and pilot drop-in on Thursday 25 November.

It was good to be able to talk to you about the works that will be starting in your blocks in the New Year.

Improving Fire Safety as Part of Refurbishment

Maximising Fire Safety in Your Home | FAQS

Your refurb. Your choice. Walkways initial refurbishment ideas meeting

On Thursday 12th March, the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team held an online meeting with residents of Barandon, Hurstway and Testerton Walks on the Lancaster West Estate. We discussed the initial plans for refurbishment works on the blocks. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from the architects KCA.

You can view the presentation slides and watch the recording of the meeting below.

Initial refurbishment ideas meeting

Contact your Block Rep

You may wish to contact your Block Rep to engage in further discussions about the design and the delivery of the refurbishments. 

Barandon Walk: David O’Connell & Simon Jolly
Hurstway Walk: Jacqui Haynes & Virginia Sang
Testerton Walk: Michelle Active, Miles Watson & Susan Al-Safadi 

If you do not already have your Block Reps contact details, please contact us at LancasterWestOffice@rbkc.gov.uk or call 0800 389 2005 and we will put you in touch.