Designs for Camelford Court, Camelford Walk, Clarendon Walk, Talbot Walk

Camelford Court

In Camelford Court, an enthusiastic 61% of residents contributed to this top ten list of priorities for the upcoming refurbishment for their block. In keeping with many other blocks, Camelford Court placed windows and bathrooms high on their list, as the first and second priorities respectively. Interestingly, unlike many of the other blocks, Camelford Court placed soundproofing high up on their list as their third priority.

Camelford Walk

With 69% of the residents contributing, Camelford Walk is another example of a great resident engagement. After collating all the data, we found that Camelford’s Walk top three choices were windows, kitchens and bathrooms respectively. However, residents also seemed concerned with shared spaces placing communal entrances and lifts also in their top 10s.   

Clarendon Walk

With more than 100 homes Clarendon Walk had a 62% participation rate amongst residents. Clarendon Walk residents put new windows and kitchens as their first and second priorities for the upcoming refurbishment. In speaking to residents at workshops and over the phone, it was clear there were concerns about security. This was reflected in their top 10 priorities which included door entry systems and communal entrance made it on to their top 10 priorities. 

Talbot Walk

An incredible 86% of residents from Talbot Walk contributed to this top ten list of priorities for the upcoming refurbishment for their block – the highest level of engagement of any block. Residents in Talbot Walk were particularly interested in refurbishing the shared areas. This shows in their list of priorities as door entry systems, communal entrance and accessibility to the garden all made it to their top 10 list.