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Every week Robert talks to guests about topics or events on and around Lancaster West. Whether it’s upcoming community events, ongoing or new initiatives by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team, or talking about the estate-wide refurbishment, the show is an opportunity for residents to find out more. 

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Co-design event for training and employment opportunities on Lancaster West Estate
13 January 2022

In this week’s LancWest Fest community gardener, Robert, is talking to Afnan from LWNT about the upcoming event for co-designing the future for training and employment services on the Lancaster West Estate and beyond. 

Join us at Baseline Studios on Saturday 15 January 2022 between 11am to 4.30pm to help us shape training and employment services in the neighbourhood. 

There will be three group discussions on the day: 
- 12pm to 1pm: carers and children or families with children (we have staff in place to help take care of young children so carers can really get involved) 
- 1.30pm to 2.30pm: young people who are between 16 – 24 years old 
- 3pm to 4pm: all other adults over 24 years old 

Register in advance to participate in group discussions and receive a homecooked meal, and a chance to win some amazing prizes. 
LancWest Fest: Sustainable festive tips
16 December 2021

In this week’s LancWest Fest community gardener Robert is talking to Hannah from Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team’s sustainability team about how you might be more sustainable during this festive period. 

We are inviting Lancaster West residents to come down to Baseline Studios on the estate in the lead up to Christmas to write down any pledges they are making to be more sustainable and hang them on our Christmas tree. 

We are looking forward to seeing your pledges!
LancWest Fest: LWNT's Refurbishment Showroom for Lancaster West residents
9 December 2021

In this week’s LancWest Fest community gardener Robert is in LWNT's Refurbishment Showroom with Aonghus from the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team. Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team are inviting residents to come along to the showroom and learn about the different elements of the refurbishment such as the options for bricks, windows and more. The showroom is in Unit 29, Baseline Studios on the estate and is open from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday. We will also be holding specific events in the showroom to trial out some of the potential new features in the future, so keep an eye out for more information.
LancWest Fest: Introducing the new Lancaster West respite brochure
2 December 2021 

In this week’s LancWest Fest community gardener Robert is talking to Khadra from the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team about the launch of the new respite brochure for residents. 

As Lancaster West undergoes the estate-wide refurbishment programme, Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team understands that for some residents, respite options will need to be considered due to any disturbance that may occur while noisy or disruptive work is ongoing. 

 The respite brochure highlights the provisions made available to support residents on the estate during the refurbishment works. You can pick up a copy of the new respite brochure at Baseline or you can see a digital version on our W11 website (link in our bio). For more information contact us by email at or phone on 0800 389 2005.

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