How to get the most from your devices

Understanding appliances and devices that you use at home, and how much energy they use, can help you manage your home’s energy usage.  Keeping these items well maintained can also help maximise lifespan.  -  Regularly clean and maintain appliances.
-  Maximise the washing machine and dishwasher by doing full loads.  and lowering the temperature to 30° Celsius.  For those on Economy 7 or Economy 11 Tariffs (whose appliances have a timer) set it to run at night or during the off-peak hours when the price is lower. 
-  Where possible, hang laundry to dry outdoors as tumble dryers use a lot of electricity. If you don’t have a garden, hang your washing on a clothes airer in a bathroom and make sure to ventilate. 
-  If you need to replace appliances, choose those that have high energy efficiency rating such as Band A, and choose the right size for your home. 
-  Don’t leave the TV or other electrical appliances on stand-by mode.  Instead, unplug them from the socket so it doesn’t consume any electricity.
-  Don’t leave your phone or laptop on charge all night. They only need a few hours to charge. 
-  Ask your children to switch off electric toys and lights when they are not using them. This will teach them useful energy saving habits.
-  For more information about home appliances, visit the Energy Saving Trust website.     
Energy Saving Trust