Notting Dale 2030 - Future Neighbourhood

Our resident-led vision for our future neighbourhood

Our vision is for Notting Dale to become the UK’s largest eco-neighbourhood, putting a green recovery at the heart of Grenfell recovery.

Why Notting Dale ward?

Why Notting Dale ward?

Notting Dale ward is where the Grenfell Tower tragedy occurred on the 14th June 2017.

The diverse social make-up of the area includes significant inequalities in income, health, and employment outcomes.

Co-design and co-delivery

Co-design and co-delivery

Building on our track record of engaging with local residents, through the Future Neighbourhood programme we plan to engage:

  • Directly with 10% of residents (~854) ​
  • Indirectly with at least 50% of residents through new or existing engagement structures

We will focus on engaging underrepresented and seldom heard groups, who have been disproportionally affected by the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

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