New terrace design trialled at the Walkways!

LWNT’s terrace pilot project aims to transform resident’s outdoor living space with a blend of safety, style, and sustainability. 
110 top-floor Walkway’s households will potentially benefit from the highest rated fire-safety frosted glass dividers and pergolas, designed to not only give residents privacy, but also to function as a barrier from the wind and rain. 

Some benefits of the proposed designs are: 
Safety: Fire-rated frosted glass screens offer complete privacy but still filter in natural light. The laminated safety glass ensures internal shattering in the event of any accident, meaning if the screen were to be impacted no shards of glass would be created. The elevated metal handrails also provide increased privacy and protection.
Heat reduction: As the glass is frosted, it reduces solar glare which helps control overheating. This means green-fingered residents won’t need to worry about their terrace gardens being affected by amplified sunlight. 
Noise: The A1-rated porcelain decking is a low-noise anti-slip surface, ensuring a secure and quiet outdoor area. Paired with sound-reducing glass, these elements help create an area free from echoing, reducing the amount of noise you will hear from neighbours. 
Greening your space: We are also offering the option of adding planters along the external wall to add a touch of colour to your terrace. 
Coverage: The metal pergola frame is powder-coated with aluminium for quicker cooling and is topped with a full fire-rated glass cover. Residents will have a variety of cover options – full glass, half glass, brise soleil (sun breaker style), wired, or no infill to choose from. The covering is angled for weatherproofing, so rain runs off keeping the terrace dry. 
Terraces will be designed with residents, ensuring yours reflects your style and lifestyle. To do this we will be carrying out a resident engagement in the new year which will include a survey and a meet the team event. The terrace project is part of the Walkways roofworks, so is separate to the balcony refurbishment. We will bring you more information on balcony’s in the new year.