Treadgold consultation

please tell us your views

The Council is planning to make changes at Treadgold House:

A comprehensive Refurbishment Programme to improve the inside of flats and the block itself Installing a piece of modern equipment called a Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery unit inside each flat Connecting Treadgold House to the Council’s Heat Network which will provide heating and hot water in the future Removing mains gas (heat and hot water being replaced by Heat Network and electrical alternatives for cooking purposes)   
These proposals form an important part of the Council’s ambition for the Lancaster West Estate to become carbon net zero and to deliver significant improvements to the thermal efficiency of homes across the Estate. To achieve the refurbishment proposals, residents at Treadgold House are being asked to temporarily move to another flat on the Estate to allow the works to proceed.  
Some residents are also undertaking the option to move permanently, or to temporarily stay with friends and family. Once the refurbishment works have been concluded, residents would be able to move back into the same home, now refurbished. The need for these temporary moves is to ensure health and safety for residents and in recognition of the disruption that the refurbishment programme will cause especially considering the noise and dust created by the building work. 
Each household will need to move temporarily for a period of about between three and four months, with the practical support of the Council. The Housing Act 1985 requires the Council to consult all Secure Tenants on the proposed changes. We have prepared a document to give more information about the Council’s proposals and the reasons for them, the impact of the proposals as well as a summary of the resident engagement and consultation that has already happened. 
The document also explains in more detail the programme of practical and financial support that the Council will make to households who are temporarily moving to another flat whilst the works are undertaken. This consultation will be running between the 3 May 2023 and the 31 May 2023. Please tell us your views. 

Please tell us your views