Treadgold House

You said, we did! 

You told us...                                                What we have done as a result
To put LWNT names to agenda items                Each agenda item has an assigned officer.
Contact pest control regarding rats                   Pest control attended on 7th May to investigate rat issue. Nospotted between 300s-400s of Barandon          evidence of rodent activity but are happy to reattend if the Walk                                                                  problem still persists. 

To investigate in-post lockers for                      The lockers are pending groundworks. Electrics have been Treadgold residents                                           installed.  
Have conversations with other gyms                 The engagement team have reached out to a number of gyms regarding respite options                                   and are currently exploring options with 3 gyms which are due to                                                                       get back in touch.  

Watch timelapse of crane lifting air source heat pumps up to Treadgold roof

Watch as six air source heat pumps are craned on to the roof of Treadgold House as part of the energy efficient refurbishment of the whole block. The heat pumps will supply low carbon heating and hot water to all homes in the block.
Treadgold House is the first block on Lancaster West to undergo an energy efficient refurbishment to a carbon neutral standard transforming it into a sustainable and energy efficient place to live for residents.

Lancaster West’s estate-wide refurbishment will help residents use less energy, save money and have cleaner, greener, healthier homes. Lancaster West is going carbon-neutral, delivering on residents priorities.

April 2024 Treadgold House refurbishment update

Roof: The temporary roof structure will be removed after the completion of roof works. 
Internal works: Internal works in voids and decanted properties will continue.
Windows and doors: The installation of the windows and doors in the majority of the block is almost complete.

New plant and bin store construction: Our contractor will continue the construction of the new plant and bin store. This involves setting foundations, drainage, and services to ensure efficient operations.

Air Source Heat Pumps: A new support structure will be prepared for the installation of air source heat units at roof level. These will supply low carbon heating and hot water to the homes at Treadgold House and a milestone event in the delivery of a net zero neighbourhood. 
Central staircore refurbishment: Works are continuing in the central staircore to modernise this vital aspect of the building.
Walkway insulation:
Insulation of the walkways will continue, contributing to improved thermal efficiency and resident comfort. 

Watch the installation of the temporary roof on Treadgold House

The temporary roof will provide protection from rain to the homes below, while the existing waterproofing and insulation layers are removed. 
This will be followed by the installation of new waterproofing and non-combustible mineral wool insulation to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. 
Solar panels and an air source heat pump will also go on the roof to provide heating and hot water to every home in the block. 
Lancaster West’s estate-wide refurbishment will help residents use less energy, save money and have cleaner, greener, healthier homes. Lancaster West is going carbon-neutral, delivering on residents priorities.

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House Pocket Park

We are installing a Pocket Park on Lancaster Green (opposite the Kensington Leisure Centre) at the end of June as part of our Respite offer. 
This was co-designed with Treadgold House residents at an engagement event in May 2022. It is movable and designed to provide a space for people to work, relax or socialise in. This has been supported by the Mayor of London's Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Fund.

Treadgold House FAQs

What are my moving options?

Who will support the more vulnerable residents to move?

What will happen with storing my personal belongings? ​

Are residents being offered any form of payment to cover unexpected, out-of-pocket expenditure, such as paying for redirecting post, or having their TV / internet connected in a new property? ​

In situations where residents are having personal property put into storage, is this being stored by a RBKC approved supplier? And is RBKC insuring items that are being stored as a result of the mandatory decant? ​

When I move into the temporary flat, what will happen next?​ ​

Will my rent increase as a result of the refurbishment?​

Will I have to pay two sets of utility bills if I move temporarily? ​

Are residents required to notify their utility companies (gas, electric, water) about the move? ​

Due to utility bills increasing more in the walkways and other blocks, will this mean we will experience higher costs as a result of the temporary move? ​

Will my council tax increase as a result of the refurbishment?

What will be done to ensure that when we move, we won’t have to pay for parking permits?​

How can we stop others from parking once the work has been done?​

What offers are available for residents regarding TV packages?​

Will our post be redirected? 

What is the heat network? 

What is the resident price promise?​

What happens after 2030?​

Who will be the heat supplier?​

Why can I not choose my heat provider? ​

Who will I pay my gas bills to?​

Treadgold House works now on site!

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is pleased to announce that the first phase of construction works at Treadgold House on Lancaster West are underway. 
It will be the first block on the estate to go carbon-neutral. United Living were awarded the contract. Energy efficient improvements being delivered include triple glazed windows, solar PV panels, non-combustible wall, floor, and roof insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the removal of gas to be replaced with an Air Source Heat Pump, as well as comprehensive internal refurbishment. 
As well as reducing the energy demand of the building, this work will mean residents benefit from substantially lower energy bills, reduced need for repairs and maintenance, better air quality, reduced noise from outside, and more comfortable homes. This energy efficient retrofit is part of LWNT’s commitment to make Lancaster West model a 21st century model estate that is carbon-neutral by 2030. 
Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team and Energiesprong UK have worked together to secure £1.5m of funding through the Mustbe0 project, funded by the Interreg NWE Programme through the European Regional Development Fund. 

Treadgold House: Dhamaystirka naqshado faahfaahsan

Markaan hadda u gudubno Naqshadda kama dambaysta ah ee dib-u-habaynta blockkaaga, waxaan u baahan doonaa inaan helno doorashada kama dambaysta ah ee deganeyaasha ee xannibaaddooda toddobaadyada soo socda.
Si loo bilaabo nidaamkan, waxaan jeclaan lahayn inaan kugu marti qaadno dhacdadayada: Cutubka 29 Soo gelida: Arbacada 18ka Maajo inta u dhaxaysa 4.30-7pm ee Treadgold House Gardens ama Cutubka 29, Baseline Studios, haddii cimiladu xun tahay. Ogow wax badan oo ku saabsan isbeddelada soo socda ee block kaaga. Waxaad awoodi doontaa inaad aragto muunado agab ah iyo naqshado, oo aad su'aalahaaga iyo welwelkaaga si toos ah wax looga qabto. Fadlan ogow waxaa laga yaabaa inaad rabto inaad xidhato maaskaro.
Tani waa bilawga marxaladda Nakhshad kama dambaysta ah maadaama aanu si wadajir ah u naqshadayn doono dib-u-habaynta dadka deegaanka oo aanu yeelan doono hawlgelin dheeraad ah toddobaadyada iyo bilaha soo socda. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, haddii aad diyaar u tahay in aad hadda bilawdo habka doorashadaada naqshadaynta ee u dambaysa, waxaad samayn kartaa adiga oo buuxinaya sahanka adigoo gujinaya xidhiidhkan ama soo celinta sahanka warqada ah ee aanu kuu dirnay adigoo ku ridaya sanduuqa sahanka qalinka ah ee "LWNT" bannaanka albaabada Istuudiyaha Baseline Fadlan ogow waqtiga kama dambaysta ah ee soo celinta sahankan waa Jimcaha 27ka May .

Treadgold House Wajiga 3: Dhamaystirka Naqshado Tafatiran

Treadgold House ayaa marka hore xannibay si uu u noqdo dhexdhexaad-kaarboon!

Maarso 2022

Lancaster West Neighborhood Team way ku faraxsan tahay inay shaaciyaan in Treadgold House ee Lancaster West uu noqon doono dhismihii ugu horeeyay ee koonsalku leeyahay ee taga kaarboon-dhexdhexaad.
United Living South Limited waxaa la siiyay qandaraas dhan £6.85m si loo naqshadeeyo loona dhiso guri dhan dib u habeyn qoto dheer oo dib u habeyn ah.
Horumarka tayada leh ee tamarta ee la keenayo waxaa ka mid ah daaqadaha saddex-glazed, muraayadaha PV cadceedda, darbiga aan guban, sagxadda, iyo dahaarka saqafka, hawo farsamo oo leh dib u soo kabashada kulaylka, ka saarida gaasta lagu beddelo bamka kulaylka Isha Hawada, iyo sidoo kale gudaha dhamaystiran dib u habeyn.
Wax badan ka ogow

Treadgold House Emerging Preferences and Choices refurbishment results!

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is pleased to announce the results of the Emerging Preferences and Choices refurbishment survey which was sent to Treadgold House residents. Residents chose a white façade as their preferred option for the external walls for their block. 
The image give an idea of what Treadgold House will look like when the refurbishment works are finished. Treadgold House is the first council-owned block to go carbon-neutral. United Living have been appointed to do the refurbishment which is expected to start before the end of the year. 
A contractor will be providing a 30-year maintenance plan, which will include façade cleaning for these external walls.

Dookhyada iyo Doorashooyinka Soo baxaya - Warbixinta Macquulnimada

Treadgold House Fikradaha Naqshadeynta Hore - Warbixinta Jawaab celinta

Warbixinta kama dambaysta ah: Jardiinooyinka & Goobaha Bannaanka

Aqoon-is-weydaarsiyada Nakhshad wadaagga Fikradda Beerta

Iyada oo qayb ka ah hawlaha dib-u-habaynta ee ka socda Treadgold House, waxaanu martigelinay taxane aqoon-is-weydaarsiyo online ah si aan u maqalno fikradaha iyo fikradaha ku saabsan sida loo hagaajiyo meelaha cagaaran ee ku hareeraysan. LWNT waxay ku casuuntay muuqaalada bulshada, shirkad madax banaan oo danaha bulshada ah oo ku takhasustay naqshadaynta beerta ay bulshadu hogaaminayso si loo fududeeyo aqoon iswaydaarsigan. Waxay diiradda saareen sida dadka deegaanka ay hadda u isticmaalaan bannaanka bannaanka iyo sida waayo-aragnimadan kor loogu qaadi karo, hadday tahay qaab beer wadaag ah, abuurista aag lagu ciyaaro, samaynta si fiican u isticmaalka baarkinka baabuurka, ama dhirta ku koraysa balakoonada.

Faahfaahinta Naqshadeynta: Jardiinooyinka iyo bannaanka Treadgold House

Abriil 2021

Deganeyaasha Guriga Treadgold ee Muuqaalka Bulshada Wada-Naqshadeeynta Aqoon-is-weydaarsiga Labaad

30-kii Maarso 2021, Tish Vail iyo Michel Thill oo ka socday Muuqaallada Bulshada iyo Kooxda Xaafadda Lancaster West waxay si fog ula kulmeen dadka deggan Treadgold House fikradda horumarinta meelaha cagaaran ee ku hareeraysan xannibaaddooda taasoo qayb ka ah dib-u-habaynta Lancaster West Estates. Kani wuxuu ahaa kii labaad ee taxane ah oo saddex aqoon-is-weydaarsi ah.

Halkaan hoose ka daawo muuqaal laga duubay kulanka

Deganeyaasha Guriga Treadgold ee Muuqaalka Bulshada Wada-Naqshadeeynta Aqoon-is-weydaarsiga Labaad

Goobaha Bulshada 'Treadgold House Gardens' iyo Bannaanka bannaan ee deganayaasha wada-Naqshadaynta Aqoon-is-weydaarsiga Koowaad

Markay ahayd 17-kii Maarso 2021, Tish iyo Michel oo ka socda Muuqaallada Bulshada waxay si fog ula kulmeen dadka deggan Treadgold House si ay u helaan fikradahooda ku saabsan sida meelaha cagaaran ee ku hareeraysan xannibaaddooda loo horumarin karo iyada oo qayb ka ah dib-u-habaynta Lancaster West Estates. Tani waxay ahayd tii ugu horreysay ee taxane saddex aqoon-is-weydaarsi ah. Dadka deegaanka ayaa fursad u helay inay su'aalo weydiiyaan oo ay jawaabaha ka helaan naqshadeeyayaasha.
Waxaad daawan kartaa duubista kulanka oo waxaad ka daawan kartaa bandhigyada bandhigga ee hoose, waxaadna ka heli kartaa faahfaahin ku saabsan sida loogu biiri karo kulanka xiga.

Goobaha Bulshada 'Treadgold House deganayaasha Naqshadeynta Aqoon-is-weydaarsiga Koowaad

Treadgold House

Muuqaal-Bulsheedka Deganeyaasha Naqshad-wadaagga Aqoon-is-weydaarsiga Koowaad

Cabbirrada tamarta ee gurigaaga

Dadka degan Treadgold House waxay doorteen inay hore ugu socdaan Mustbe0-ka dib-u-habaynta kaarboon-dhexdhexaadka ah ee block! Waxaan hadda u baahanahay inaan samayno cabbirada waxqabadka tamarta ee guryaha si aan u hubinno in dib u habeyntu si sax ah loo fuliyo iyo si loo hubiyo in guryaha dib loo hagaajiyay ay ku raaxaystaan in lagu noolaado imtixaanadan. Waxaan ku bilaabi doonaa inaan cabbirno waxqabadka kulaylka ee guryaha. Tani waxay kaa caawin doontaa in la fahmo sida ugu wanaagsan ee ay u ilaalinayaan kulaylka. Shirkad la yiraahdo Build Test Solutions ayaa fulin doonta cabbirada Kooxda Xaafadda Lancaster West. Si loo sameeyo imtixaanada, xubin ka tirsan shaqaalaha Xallinta Imtixaanka Dhis ayaa booqan doona guryaha oo rakibi doona dareemayaal kuwaas oo meesha joogi doona muddo 3 toddobaad ah.

Dib u habeynta Treadgold House waxaa taageeray mashruuca Yurub Mustbe0 , oo ay maalgeliso Interreg NWE Program iyada oo loo marayo Sanduuqa Horumarinta Gobolka Yurub.

Cabirka tamarta FAQs

Waa maxay macnaha waxqabadka kulaylka? Waxaan u baahanahay inaan cabbirno waxqabadka kulaylka ee gurigaaga. Tani waxay ka dhigan tahay fahamka sida ugu wanaagsan ee uu u ilaalinayo kulaylka. Waxay kaa caawin doontaa in la hubiyo in dib u habeyntu ay u qabsoomeen si heer sare ah iyo in gurigaaga laga dhigay mid raaxo leh. Yaa fulin doona cabbirada? Lancaster West Neighborhood Team ayaa waydiistay in ay dhisaan xalal tijaabo ah si ay u fuliyaan imtixaanada. Dhis Tijaabada Solutions waa shirkad cabbiraysa waxqabadka tamarta ee dhismayaasha. Ma qof baa u baahan inuu gurigayga soo booqdo? Haa, si loo sameeyo imtixaanada waxqabadka kulaylka, Xubin ka mid ah shaqaalaha Xallinta Imtixaanka Dhiska waxay u baahan yihiin inay soo booqdaan gurigaaga oo ay ku rakibaan dareemayaal. Waxaa jiri doona laba booqasho:
  1. Booqo 1, 5-10 daqiiqo: Inta lagu jiro booqashadan waxay qaadan doonaan akhrinta mitirka, cabbiraadaha qolka, oo ay rakibi doonaan dareemayaasha heerkulka kuwaas oo sii jiri doona 3 toddobaad.
  2. Booqo 2, saddex toddobaad ka dib, 5 daqiiqo: Inta lagu jiro booqashadan waxay qaadan doonaan akhrinta mitirka waxayna ururin doonaan dareemayaasha heerkulka.
Sidee loo rakibi doonaa dareemayaasha? Rakibadu waxay noqon doontaa mid aan duullaan lahayn, tani waxay la macno tahay isticmaalka boolal iyo wax dhaawac ah oo soo gaadhay gurigaaga. Ma dhaqaajin karaa dareemayaasha inta ay gurigayga joogaan? Maya, dareemayaasha waa in aan la dhaqaajin ama la taaban. Waa in lagu daayo meesha ay joogaan muddo 3 toddobaad ah si baaritaanka si sax ah loogu sameeyo. Sidee xogtayda loo isticmaali doonaa, yaa loo aadaa? Isticmaalka kaliya ee xogta waa in la cabbiro waxtarka tamarta ee guriga, si loo caawiyo go'aaminta fursadaha iyo xalalka horay u socda dib u habeynta. Xog shakhsi ah lama ururiyo, cabbiraadahana lama siiyo shirkadaha tamarta. Waa maxay tallaabooyinka ilaalinta Covid-19 ee la qaadi doono inta lagu jiro booqashooyinka?
  • Inta lagu jiro booqasho kasta oo gurigaaga lagu soo galo, xubin ka tirsan shaqaalaha Xallinta Tijaabada waxay xiran doonaan maaskaro wajiga iyo galoofyada.
  • Kahor inta aanu xubin ka tirsan shaqaalaha soo galin Imtixaanka Dhismaha, waxaanu ku waydiin doonaa inaad furto daaqad aad ku bixiso hawo-qaadasho.
  • Waxay isku dayi doonaan inay guriga ku jiraan sida ugu yar ee suurtogalka ah.
  • Haddii aad dareento raaxo badan, waxaad ku sugnaan kartaa qol ka xiran guriga intiisa kale inta badan baaritaanka si aad uga soocdo shaqaalaha Dhismaha Tijaabada.

Fursada maalgelinta ee guryaha casriga ah ee kaarboon-dhexdhexaadka ah

Waxaan haysanaa fursad aan ku helno maalgelin dheeraad ah oo loogu talagalay dib-u-habaynta Treadgold House. Dhismayaasha dabaqyada badan leh ee tamarta Zero (Mustbe0) waa barnaamij ka dhexeeya EU-da oo ay hogaaminayaan Energiesprong Foundation (NL) iyo kooxaha tamarta ee France, Germany iyo UK.

Waxay bixinaysaa deeq EU ah £1.3 milyan si loogu maalgeliyo dib-u-habaynta saafiga ah ee Treadgold House. naqshad sawireed oo ay sameeyeen naqshadeeyayaasha taasoo tusinaysa suurtogalnimada sida dib-u-habaynta eber saafiga ah loo samayn karo.

Isticmaalka maalgelinta waxay ka dhigi doontaa Treadgold House mid tusaale u ah UK iyo Yurub oo dhan marka la eego waxqabadka tamarta.

Ka hel wax badan oo ku saabsan fursada iyo nashqadaha ku yaal sagxada slide ee hoose.

Treadgold House Mustbe0 fursadaha maalgelinta FAQs:

Waa immisa boqolleyda ugu yar ee oggolaanshaha dadka deegaanka ee soo jeedinta si loo sii socdo?
Waxaan soo jeedineynaa aqlabiyad fudud oo ah 51% dhammaan dadka degan 16 sano jir leeyihiin.
Waa maxay noocyada kala duwan ee dahaarka ayaa jira?
Guud ahaan, dahaarka waxa loo kala qaybin karaa laba kooxood oo waaweyn: dibadda iyo gudaha. Gudaha waxaa lagu daraa gudaha derbiga dhismaha sidaas darteedna waxay ka dhigaysaa meesha bannaan ee gudaha mid yar.

Nidaamyada dahaarka dibadda ayaa inta badan ah tamarta ugu waxtarka badan waxaana loo baahan yahay in laga dhigo guryaha sida dhexdhexaad-kaarboon intii suurtagal ah. Waxay kaa caawin doontaa dhimista luminta kulaylka waxayna yaraynaysaa biilasha tamarta ee dadka deegaanka, iyo hagaajinta dhawaqa. Waxaa lagu dhejin karaa saqafka iyo derbiyada dhismaha. Dahaarka ayaa yeelan kara heerar kala duwan oo qiimeynta badbaadada dabka. Waxaan hubin doonnaa inaan ku siinno oo keliya A1 ama A2-doorashada lagu qiimeeyay taas oo macnaheedu yahay inay gebi ahaanba yihiin kuwo aan guban karin - tusaale ahaan laga sameeyay dhogorta macdanta, iyo daboolka aan la daboolin sida leben ama wax-soo-saarka kuwaas oo aan guban, oo aan lahayn wax hawo ah.
Intee in le'eg ayay noqon doontaa?
Dahaarka gidaarka debada ayaa aad uga dhib yar dadka deegaanka marka loo eego dahaarka gidaarka gudaha iyo sidoo kale in aan la dhimin aagga sagxada gudaha.

Mid ka mid ah shuruudaha ugu muhiimsan ee maalgelintan ayaa ah yaraynta carqaladaynta dadka deegaanka. Waxaa diiradda lagu saari doonaa dhismaha ka baxsan goobta, taasoo la micno ah carqaladeynta ugu yar ee goobta sida badanaa ku dhacda habab dhaqameed ee shaqada dhismaha.

Haddii dadka deegaanka ay hadda go'aan gaadhaan, miyay ka go'an tahay ama ma jiraan doorashooyin hadhow si ay u qaabeeyaan naqshadaynta iyo keenista? Haddaysan ku faraxsanayn markaas, ma diidi karaan soo jeedinta?

Shuruudda muhiimka ah ee maalgelinta ayaa ah inaan hiigsaneyno naqshadeynta kaarboon eber saafiga ah.

Waxaa jiri doona meel bannaan oo lagaga doodi karo laguna naqshadayn doono walxaha qaarkood. Haddii ay jiraan waxyaabo ay dadka deegaanku runtii ku faraxsanayn, waxaanu eegi doonaa inaanu dib u habayn ku samayno walxahaas annagoo hoos u dhigayna baahida kulaylka ee dhismaha.

Tusaale ahaan, waxaa loo baahan doonaa nooc ka mid ah dahaarka, sidaa darteed hore uma socon karno ka dibna gebi ahaanba ka saar dahaadhka naqshadeynta, laakiin waxaan dib u habeyn karnaa nooca dahaarka iyo sida iyo meesha lagu dabaqo.

Dahaarka dibadda ma caawin doonaa qoyaanka iyo caaryada derbiyada dibadda?

Marka aan dahaadhno guriga, kulaylku wuxuu sii joogi doonaa guriga muddo dheer oo heerkul sare ah. Waxaan isticmaali doonaa habab hawosiin casri ah si ay u caawiyaan nooca saxda ah ee hawada ee guryaha, waxaana jira noocyo kala duwan oo doorasho hawo oo aan sahamin karno. Nashqadaha fikradda waxaa ka mid ah hawo-mareen farsamo iyo soo kabashada kulaylka (MVHR) taas oo runtii kaa caawin doonta yaraynta qoyaanka iyo caaryada, iyada oo dib loo isticmaali karo kulaylka guryaha iyadoo lagu kululeynayo hawo cusub.

Sideen u dhamaystiri karnaa geedi socod wada tashi oo dhamaystiran marka la eego mudada gaaban?

Waxaan isticmaaleynaa kanaalo badan si aan u hubinno in dhammaan dadka deggan ay fursad u helaan inay nagula hadlaan haddii ay rabaan - tani waxaa ku jira webinar, soo gelid Treadgold House, wicitaanno taleefan, garaaca albaabka, iimaylo iyo koox WhatsApp ah.
Intee in le'eg ayuu bamka kulaylku u noqon karaa heerkul bannaan oo kala duwan?
Waxaan hadda sahaminaynaa habab kala duwan oo suurtagal ah oo lagu kululeynayo hantida, oo ay ku jiraan ka soo kabashada kulaylka bullaacadaha weyn ee hoos yimaada dhismaha, matoorada kulaylka isha, iyo kuleyliyeyaasha hydrogen. Waxa kale oo jira noocyo kala duwan oo bamka ah oo aan sahamin karno, oo ay ku jiraan isha hawada iyo isha dhulka.

Ma jiraan qorsheyaal lagu caawinayo dadka deggan carqaladaynta?

Waxaan ka bilaabaynaa dib u habeynta gudaha Morland House waxaanan haynaa fursado badan oo nasasho iyo qorshayaal ah si aan u yareyno carqaladeynta dadka deegaanka waxaanan ka shaqeyneynaa buug-yaraha nasinta. Waxaan sii wadeynaa hagaajinta bixinta nasintayada tanina si buuxda ayaa loo faahfaahiyay oo dib loo cusboonaysiin doonaa wakhtiga ay shaqadu ka bilaabmi doonto Treadgold House.
Ma jiraan guryo cusub oo laga dhisay dhismaha dushiisa?

Maya, tani hadda kama mid aha qorshayaashayada. Siyaabo badan, samaynta heerkan shaqo ee dib u habeyntu waxay tani ka dhigaysaa mid aan suurtogal ahayn mustaqbalka, sababtoo ah waxay markaas ka dhigan tahay in shaqada qaarkood la joojiyo.

Ka waran maalgashiga garoon lagu ciyaaro ama cagaarka?

Tani waa hal deeq oo maalgelin doonta horumar la taaban karo oo lagu sameeyo dhismaha Treadgold House iyo guryaha ku dhex jira. Waxaan ognahay in dadka deegaanka ay jeclaan lahaayeen inay arkaan waxyaabo kale oo ka baxsan block sidoo kale, sida goobta ciyaarta, waxaanan raadineynaa deeqo kale si aan u maalgalino hagaajintan.

Treadgold House

Cajiib 72% dadka degan Treadgold House ayaa gacan ka geystay liiska tobankan ugu sarreeya ee mudnaanta dib u habeynta soo socota ee xaruntooda. Beddelida madbakhdooda ayaa korka soo baxay wax yar ka hor musqulo cusub. Dadka deegaanka ayaa sidoo kale rabey nidaam cusub oo gelitaan iyo CCTV oo lagu rakibay iyo sidoo kale dib u habeyn lagu sameeyo baarkinka baabuurka.

La xidhiidh wakiilkaaga Block

Waxaa laga yaabaa inaad rabto inaad la xiriirto Block Reps; Eunicia Harding & Maria Escudero si ay uga qaybgalaan doodo dheeraad ah oo ku saabsan naqshadeynta iyo keenista dib u habeynta.
Haddii aanad hore u haysan faahfaahinta xidhiidhkaaga Reps, fadlan nagala soo xidhiidh ama wac 0800 389 2005 waanu kula soo xidhiidhi doonaa