21st Century Video Door Entry System

New video door entry system being considered for Lancaster West

Thank you to everyone who came down to try out the Hikvision door entry system on Friday. 
It is one of the options being considered for Lancaster West. Residents were able to try out the new system, speak to Ross from the Hikvision team and ask any questions.
In case you missed the event, the video below gives you a short demonstration of how the system works. 
Residents can still try out the system for themselves by coming along to our new Refurbishment Showroom in Unit 29, Baseline Studios on the estate from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday until 28 January 2022. 
No need to make an appointment.

The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have put together some of the most asked questions from residents:

Q: Can I increase and decrease the volume of the ring?  A: Yes, you can increase and decrease the volume. You can also change the ringtone, adjust how long it rings for and how long it will ring before it forwards the call to your phone (if you choose to set this option up). 

Q: Can I put the Until into a Do Not Disturb mode? 
A: Yes, if you put your unit into Do Not Disturb mode then the call will appear on your screen but it will not make a ringing sound. The person ringing will not be informed that you have put your unit into Do Not Disturb mode. 

Q: Is there an app for my mobile phone? 
A: Yes, a smartphone app can be used to carry out many of the functions of the internal unit like granting access to your block and can be very useful at times when you are not at home.