Neighbourhood strategy

Learn about the plans for Lancaster West co-designed with residents

Your Neighbourhood Strategy 

We’ve worked with our residents to create a Neighbourhood Strategy for 2021-2024. This builds on the priorities and goals of our community that were agreed with our residents in the 2018 -2024 plan. A total of 298 residents engaged with the LWNT to produce this plan for the years ahead and we’re excited to share with residents their vision of Lanc West in this strategy.
These are your top priorities for your estate and home
1. Listen and act: deliver effortless and accessible service to residents 2. Repair, refurbish, and decarbonise: deliver a world class repair service in a safe, modern, and carbon-neutral estate3. Create opportunities for the whole community: Promote a successful, sustainable, and healthy community
Key achievements in the last 3 years include:
1. Refurbishment in full swing: 32% of homes on Lancaster West have been refurbished2. Repairs completed: 7000 repairs completed since 20183. Overcrowding reduction: 15% reduction in overcrowding from 25% to 10%
Key changes in this strategy include:
  • Sustainability will be at the heart of everything we do, decarbonising the estate to be carbon-neutral by 2030
  • We will offer a range of communication channels that work for our residents
  • We will increase opportunities for our residents through partnerships, and expand our Lanc West Works programme 

Read more about the above in your Neighbourhood Strategy