Lancaster West to be carbon neutral by 2030

Sustainability - What is it & why does it matter

Sustainability means 'meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ by…

  • Reducing carbon emissions and tackling climate change
  • Supporting health and wellbeing and guarding against fuel poverty
  • Improving and increasing green spaces, gardens, and biodiversity
  • Reducing waste, increasing recycling, and moving towards a circular economy 
  • Tackling pollution and improving local air quality

Making homes energy efficient, warm and comfortable

Things we are doing:
  • Retrofitting all homes with a fabric first approach, including insulation and windows
  • Using modern methods of construction to ensure quality
  • Installing modern and low energy appliances in refurbished homes
  • Using data and insight to measure the performance of our homes and the estates

Creating a Garden Estate with a thriving environment

Things we are doing:
  • Turning grey areas of the estate green
  • Creating new inclusive and accessible green spaces (Tea garden, Lavender Hill, Thyme Square, Jasmine Wall)
  • Growing herbs, vegetables and fruit in our gardens 
  • Planting new plants; over 2000 in the last year
  • Developing volunteer opportunities for the local community 
  • Creating new opportunities for species and wildlife to develop on the estate

Find out more on our gardening page

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

Things we are doing:
  • Using electric vans
  • Greening the supply chain 
  • Improving our office space
  • Encouraging sustainable transport by staff
  • Improving our policies on waste & recycling
  • Use of compostable and degradable items instead of disposable 
  • Investigating grey water recycling
  • Installing water saving devices
  • Installing lighting sensors and low energy light bulbs

Investing in Electric Vans

We have two electric vans as part of our repairs and maintenance service.

The benefits of electric vehicles include:
  • Zero emissions = cleaner air, improving health and quality of life.
  • Discounts on congestion charges 
  • Access to Clean Air Zones
  • Very cheap to run! - Compared to petrol and diesel
  • Low-emission vehicles eligible for a plug-in government grant

Low-Emission Vehicles Grant

Reducing waste across the estate

Things we are doing:
  • Developing a waste reduction strategy for Lancaster West
  • Following circular economy principles - keeping stuff in use for as long as possible
  • Making it easier for residents to recycle by trialling new waste collection initiatives
  • Using hot bins to compost food waste, used for gardens on the estate
  • Minimising waste through modern methods of construction 
  • Working with contractors to use recycled materials and recycle our own waste 
  • Creating a waste protocol and training operatives and contractors
  • Using BIM to help manage refurbishment waste

Switching the energy we use to a clean and green supply

Things we are doing:
  • Phasing out gas by 2030
  • Developing a low carbon heat network
  • Exploring other renewable technologies like solar panels and heat pumps 
  • Removing gas from voids and switching to green energy providers
  • Piloting new forms of technology such as hydrogen boilers and plasma radiators
  • Rolling out smart meters

Supporting residents to make sustainable choices

Things we are doing:
  • Helping residents to recycle food waste
  • Encouraging Cycling
  • Installing cycle storage around the estate
  • Providing education on sustainability through the Sustainability Series
  • Enabling residents to grow their own vegetables and herbs 
  • Providing free advice on energy efficiency and reducing residents energy bills