Do you want to develop your skills and confidence in English, maths or ICT? 

August 2023
The Clement James Centre offer a range of English, ESOL, maths, digital skills and Life in the UK Test revision courses for all levels.
Our courses are free if you are:
  • A resident of London 
  • A refugee
  •  An asylum seeker (resident of more than 6 months) 
  • Unemployed and in receipt of benefits Employed but on low income (less than £23,000) 

Our 2023 enrolment dates / timings: 
  • Monday 4th September, 11am - 4pm 
  • Tuesday 5th September, 10am - 4pm 
  • Wednesday 6th September, 10am - 4pm 
  • Thursday 7th September, 10am - 4pm 
  • Friday 8th September, 10am - 2pm 
Please make sure that you bring: 
  • Your ID (e.g. passport, resident permit or ARC card)
  •  Evidence of your benefits (e.g. Universal Credit, JSA)
  •  Your most recent payslip if you are on a low income
Where to find us: 

The ClementJames Centre, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ
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