Air quality on Lancaster West

New air quality node installed!

Recently an air quality node, gifted by Breathe London, was installed outside Hurstway Walk. 
This node measures air pollutants, including Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate Matter, that is produced mostly from vehicle emissions, fuel oils, and the gas that is used to heat homes and for cooking.
Over the next year the data will be analysed by scientists from Imperial College London, alongside sensors from 40 other communities, to provide real time data on air pollution. 
Hourly data

What can I do?

There are measures that can be taken to reduce exposure to air pollution.
  • When you're travelling try and take ‘Clean Air Routes’ - this means avoiding main roads which will reduce your exposure to pollution by more than half. 

  • Taking the bus, over-ground, cycling, or walking to your destination has less exposure to, and produces less, air pollution than taking the underground or driving. 

  • You can see quieter, less polluted routes via the link below

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Opting for active travel such as walking and cycling keeps you fit and healthy. In addition, it is key to reducing carbon emissions and helping the environment. 
London must cut car travel by (at least) 27% by 2030 to reach its climate goals. 
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