Landscape and drainage survey

Residents of Clarendon Walk, Talbot Grove House, Morland House, Talbot Walk, Camelford Walk, Verity Close...

In July 2021, there was a severe flooding event that impacted homes across the estate, but particularly those in your area. As we feel the impacts of climate change more, these events are likely to become more frequent. 
To address this, Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have been working with Arup to design a range of landscape features that will improve biodiversity and alleviate flood risk.
Arup have been working towards designing landscape improvements that will include the green spaces, paving, seating, and railings around St Marks Close, Clarendon Walk, Morland House and Talbot Grove House. 
We want to hear from you with any preferences you have for the design including the types of plants, paving, seating, and location of railings.

We would like to hear your views!

Please fill out this survey by  23:59 on 21 November to tell us any preferences you have for the proposed landscape designs.
We will also be holding an event on 
20 November2-4pmSt Marks Close (between Morland House and Talbot Grove House)
As the previous engagement event was held in the evening we hope this afternoon time gives more residents the opportunity to come and share their opinion. 
Please save the date and come along to ask us any questions you have about the survey before it closes! 
Fill in the survey