Lancaster West's first low-energy home

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is excited to present Lancaster West's first low-energy home, on Verity Close. This is part of the ambition to become a carbon neutral estate by 2030.

LancWest's first low-energy home explained

There are a lot of new features in the Verity Close low-energy home which are new for any home in the UK, and we want to help residents understand the benefits and constraints of different options available to you.

Take a virtual walk through our low-energy home

This low-energy home shows that it is possible to transform existing council homes into low-carbon high-quality places to live.

Take a look inside Lancaster West's first low-energy home

Take a tour of Lancaster West's first low-energy home

Click here to take the 360-degree flying tour of the inside and outside of the house to get a better understanding of all the sustainable features that were installed, much of which will be on offer for every block as part of the estate-wide refurbishment.