Notting Dale Heat

Notting Dale Heat will manage the renewable heat network and energy centre at Lancaster West. The company is owned by Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Board meetings

Residents are welcome to join the Notting Dale Heat board meetings, which are held at Baseline Studios, Lancaster West Estate. Details of the next meeting will be shared here. Records of each board meeting are made public. Some appendices and documents cannot be shared for commercial reasons.

Notting Dale Heat network gets green light!

September 2023Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is excited to announce that two contractors have been appointed to build the new Notting Dale Heat Network, with the Council giving the overall scheme the green light. 
The new heat network - funded by both RBKC and central government funding - will provide renewable-powered heating and hot water to homes on the Lancaster West Estate, Kensington Aldridge Academy, Kensington Leisure Centre and Baseline Studios.
The new contractors are: 
 • Vital Energi Utilities Limited They will design and build the primary network and main plant, and coordinate operations and maintenance. This includes the heat pumps, warm water stores, and electric boilers. 
• Cenergist Limited They will design and build the secondary and tertiary works, which includes the heat interface units, radiators, and smart thermostats in residents' homes and blocks.
Residents were involved throughout the procurement process. The renewable heat network, which will be run by Notting Dale Heat, will provide residents with clean, green heating and hot water, produced by heat pumps and supplemented by solar panels - like those already installed on Camelford Court - to provide electricity.
Notting Dale Heat is a company set up by the Council and co-designed with residents to oversee the introduction of the network. It has residents on its board, the only heat network in the country to do so. 
This co-design with residents has led to a Price Promise, ensuring residents will not pay more than the price of gas by 2030. This is a big step forward in our goal of creating a carbon-neutral estate by 2030, with first “green heat on” scheduled to be in Spring 2025.

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