Vision, Principles & Ideas

Creating a 21st Century Model Estate


The Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team will work with residents to deliver this refurbishment sensitively and collaboratively.  
Our vision is to create a model for social housing in the 21st century. 

The 10 core principles that was agreed with residents are:
  • The refurbishment will be resident led. 
  • All refurbishment work will be done sensitively and in co-operation with residents. 
  • There will be no demolishing of people’s homes on the Lancaster West Estate. 
  • We will create a model estate where the community can be proud to live and that the council can be proud to own. 
  • We will make sure residents can make real choices on the refurbishment. 
  • We will listen to all age groups and communities on what improvements they want to see. 
  • The refurbishment will aim to provide local jobs and skills training for local people 
  • The refurbishment will improve local services, so they are of a high quality. 
  • The refurbishment will create a sustainable estate that can be maintained to a high standard. 
  • There will be transparent decision-making and feedback provided by the council at each step. 

Book of ideas
See below for our book of ideas from every section of the estate from the early stages of the refurbishment process. 

The Walkways (Barandon, Hurstway & Testerton)

Ideas Days