Find out how to get involved in the refurbishment of the estate.

Block Reps

Block reps are elected individuals of each block of the estate. They have been chosen to be the collective voice of each block or street. 

If you have a question which isn't answered on the app or have a particular concern that you want raised about your block talk to them.

If you don't know who your block rep is or alternatively, if you want to become a block rep get in contact with us at

Resident Engagement Leads

Resident engagement leads were introduced in the summer of 2019. 

Made up of former and current residents of the estate these individuals provide a link between the Lancaster West Neighbourhood team and the estate. 

Their primary role is to interact with people within the community and gain better insights and understanding on residents priorities of the refurbishment. 

There are currently four resident engagement leads; Tommasina Hessel, James Rodrigues, Andrea Newton and Linda Fenlon.

They are based in LWRA & LWNT Co-working space, Unit 22, Baseline Studios, Whitchurch Road.

Prioritisation Workshops

Prioritisation workshops are hosted by the resident engagement leads and are being conducted block-by-block. 

The purpose of the workshops are to understand what the priorities of the blocks are. It is a chance for residents to meet collectively to talk through what the refurbishment budget should be invested in.  

Residents use the workshop to score their priorities individually and then discuss and decide collectively what is more important.

Open Houses

Open house events are taking place across the estate. 

These are opportunities for residents to see the standard which empty homes are being refurbished, give us their feedback and tell us their priorities. 

We have held open house events in Verity Close, Barandon Walk and Treadgold House so far.