Lancaster West Future Neighbourhood Vision Project Board

Future Neighbourhood Vision Project Board

In order to oversee and shape the development of the Future Neighbourhood Vision, a Project Board has been established with representatives from the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team (LWNT), Lancaster West Residents Association (LWRA), Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) as well as key stakeholders from the community, voluntary and public sector working in the Lancaster West Estate and broader area.  
The role of this Project Board is to: 
  • Provide a forum for representatives of the local community to meet to discuss any issues of concern in relation to the development of the Future Neighbourhood Vision  
  • Inform and involve residents and key stakeholders in the decision-making process 
  • Monitor the management and implementation of the Future Neighbourhood Vision  
  • To identify potential opportunities for collaboration between stakeholders throughout the process 

Project Board Terms of Reference

Project Board Minutes - 25, November, 2021 

Project Board Minutes - 11, August, 2021

Project Board Minutes - 08, July, 2021

Project Board Minutes - 09, June, 2021

Project Board Minutes - 11,May, 2021