Lancaster West Community Fridge

Lancaster West Community Fridge on BBC Radio 2 and The One Show!

Lancaster West Community Fridge was featured on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and The One Show sharing the everyday things we can all do to help the planet. Emma, who volunteers at the fridge on Lancaster West every week, talked about the impact the fridge has on the local community, and what they are doing to tackle food waste. 
Produce is donated by local organisations that would have otherwise gone to waste. It's the first community fridge in Kensington and Chelsea. It was developed with Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team, Lancaster West Residents' Association and charity Hubbub. A big shout out to Kim who runs the fridge and all the volunteers who make it possible.

Lancaster West Community Fridge is open

Distribution sessions:
Wednesdays 3.00 - 4.00pm 

St Clements Church, opposite Baseline Studios 
Community fridge:Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm
Garden Cafe, Baseline Studios
A community fridge is a space where anyone can exchange food that would otherwise go to waste. Run by local volunteers, the fridge also provides a social space to share recipes, have a laugh and learn more about food and growing your own.  

The Lancaster West Community Fridge is one of over 150 community fridges across the UK helping thousands of people connect to their neighbours, save money, learn new skills and reduce waste.  

Community fridges are:

  • Friendly  
  • Open to all  
  • Accessible  
  • Community-led  
  •  Focused on environmental impact of reducing food waste
  • Spaces to access new skills and friends 

Community fridges are not: 
    X Food banks      X A solution to food insecurity      X Means tested

Where do we source our food from?

The Community Fridge Network has developed a ‘food donor network’, which is a group of national retailers who have agreed to support certified members with surplus food from their stores, as and when possible. We also get donations from residents. 

We have teamed up with Hubbub to create a community vegetable patch and host a food growing kit giveaway so residents can grow their own food. 

Foods we can accept:

  • Sealed packed foods 
  • Cheeses 
  • Fresh fruits 
  • Fresh vegetables 
  • Table sauces 
  • Pastry 
  • Unopened pasteurised milk and yoghurt 
  • Unopened fruit juices salads 
  • Fresh eggs (traceable lion stamped eggs with clean shells and use-by-date) 

Foods we can’t accept:     X Cooked food     X Bean sprout     X Cooked rice     X Raw milk cheeses     X Unpasteurised milk pates

More Information

Get in touch with Alana Mann, if you would like to find out more or could spare some time to volunteer.

The Community Fridge has been developed in partnership with Lancaster West Residents’ Association and is supported by Co-op and environmental charity Hubbub.