Lancaster West United Football Club

What is the project?

Lancaster West United Football Club is a project delivered by a Lancaster West Estate resident – Sam. This project will look to support the local football team and provide a space for the young people of the estate to come together.   The team currently works with approximately 40 young men and boys once a week, the majority of which are from Lancaster West Estate. Sam is hoping to purchase equipment and kits for the Lancaster West United Football Club, to enable the team to enter football tournaments and increase the profile of the young players. 

Who is Sam?

Sam has 15 years of experience in playing, training and supporting young footballers on and around the Lancaster West Estate. He has been a resident of the Lancaster West Estate for a long time, and volunteers his time to running the Lancaster West United Football Club in order to support the young boys and men of the estate find a safe space, practice their skills and connect. 

Find out more

If you would like to play for the Lancaster West United Football Club, training takes place every Thursday from 6pm-7pm at the Westway. Contact if you are interested.