Lancaster West Into Employment – Nova

What is the project?

Lancaster West Into Employment is a project delivered by a local organisation, Nova New Opportunities (Nova). This project will provide Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) services on the estate to residents of Lancaster West Estate.    IAG provides comprehensive, holistic support; meeting people where they are in life and helping them reorient themselves and their situations. Some arrive ready to be helped into employment while others present with personal issues that block their participation as productive members of society.  Nova would run weekly IAG sessions on the estate, developing long-term supportive relationships with those looking to improve their circumstances. Participants will also take the opportunity to engage with Nova’s other programmes. 

Who is Nova?

Nova are a small, diverse charity with a big reach and novel approach to social change. Since 1983, Nova have been offering grassroots support to the local community. Nova pride themselves on the positive impact their learning programmes have had on people’s lives. Their mission is to challenge and expose structural inequality, because they believe the UK has the potential to grow into the most socially cohesive and inclusive society in the world.  Nova work with over 2,000 individuals each year – most of whom live in North Kensington – through their five interconnected programmes:  
  • Adult Community Education    
  • Information, Advice and Guidance for Employment and Training (IAG)    
  • Volunteer Placements     
  • Family Programme (including STEAM education and holiday activities)   
  • Social Change Initiatives   

Find out more

Information for how to get involved will be available soon.