Science Boost – Educational Events CIC

What is the project?

Science Boost is a project delivered by a local organisation, Educational Events CIC. This project will look to deliver science courses after school and on weekends to children living on the Lancaster West Estate.   Science has been identified as the most challenging subject to teach at home. These science courses are filled with hands on, practical experiments and delivered by passionate teachers. Every lesson will include at least one experiment, using very cool materials to bring their learning to life. The following courses are for children aged 6-12 years old:  
  • Forces, Magnets and Electricity  
  • Earth and Space 
  • Light and Sound  
  • Plants 
  • Living Things 

Who is Educational Events CIC?

Educational Events CIC is a community organisation, focussed on engaging  local businesses to garner their support in what they believe will change  the narrative for the youth in our community.   Educational Events CIC believes that businesses engaging in the community is the best route for change and success - companies engaging with them offer various opportunities to their beneficiaries from workshops that are sector specific, work experience, training, mentoring and employment opportunities for young people.   Educational Events CIC has been working with companies to give children and young people the chance they need through practical workshops, training and  activities to raise aspirations gaining insight into real education, history,  life skills, the world of work and inspiring them to take the next steps.  

Find out more

Information for how to get involved will be available soon.