Supporting sustainable living and a green economy

Almost everything humans do involves materials that have been extracted, processed and transported across vast distances, this contributes significantly to carbon emissions and environmental degradation. Supporting sustainable living and a green economy will not only minimise the negative impacts of our consumption and behaviour, but also contribute to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for our residents.

How will we do it?

  • Create a sustained increase in recycling rates whilst decreasing waste contamination rates ​
  • Become a hub for electric vehicles and active transport​
  • Create local green jobs and training opportunities 

Progress so far

  • Worked with the RBKC Waste Management Team to plan a food waste pilot, making Lancaster West the first estate in the borough to collect food waste ​
  • Installed hot bin composters and used food waste as compost for garden spaces on the estate ​
  • Secured funding to develop a community fridge to help provide residents with locally grown healthy food and reduce waste​
  • Set up a Lancaster West Green Group for residents to share ideas and resources​
  • Created volunteering opportunities to help with gardening projects​
  • Held a sustainability drop-in with tips and gifts to help people be more environmentally sustainable day-to-day, and the chance to feed back ideas​
  • Installed Nest smart thermostats as part of internal refurbishment works to help residents track and reduce their energy use​
  • Created the Lancaster West Sustainability Series for residents, LWNT, and RBKC staff, with sessions covering the different aspects of sustainability

Actions we will take

  • Deliver a successful food waste pilot for Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk and Testerton Walk ​
  • Ensure that every block has accessible recycling and composting facilities ​
  • Grow the LancWest Green Group to at least 50 members and transition to a more active network with more opportunities​
  • Support at least 5 residents to complete sustainability training ​
  • Refresh the WeAreW11 Sustainability pages to provide regular updates and advice around sustainability​
  • Deliver energy efficiency improvements to the North Kensington Resource Centre through the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme
  • Develop a schools engagement strategy to encourage sustainable living 
The energy savings trust has lots of useful advice on how to lead a more low carbon life, you can find their website here Home - Energy Saving Trust