Heat network FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How / why will this be better than the existing network?

How will it change the heating control (radiators and thermostats)?

Who is designing the future heating system in my home?

What is a Heat Interface Unit?

How big will the Heat Interface Unit be?

Where will the Heat Interface Unit be installed?

Will the same Heat Interface Unit be installed in every home?

Heat Interface Units were installed in some homes during 2020, will these heat interface units be installed in the same way?

How will hot water be delivered?

What if I’ve already had a hot water cylinder installed as part of the internal refurbishment?

Is there a limit on the number of baths and showers we can take? Will hot water always be available?

How does the water stay hot in the pipes?

How hot will the heating be?

How hot will water from taps be?

How big will the radiators be?

How will I be able to see what energy I use?

What work will be required in communal areas?

How has the system been designed ahead of the refurbishment of each block

How has the system been designed to cope with peak hot water and space heating demand?

Does the system work on a very cold day?

Are communal areas to be heated?

Will the heat network require any changes to the building?

Are there any environmental risks associated with the technology proposed?

Are there other examples of a successful heat network refurbishment similar to Lancaster West?

Why has it been decided to include the school and sports facility?

What type of renewable energy will be used?

What will be the quality of the renewable heating?

What back-up will there be for the new heating system?

Where will the plant room be located?

Will solar panels be used to provide electricity to the energy centre with the planned refurbishment? How much energy can they provide?

How will the heating design work with the refurbishment planned?

How will the pipe network between each building be designed?

How long will the heat network be designed to last?

How will this heat network be delivered?

How will disruption be minimised?

My home has already been refurbished; will it work with the new heat network?

What is the £17.5m received going to pay for?

What is the “Resident Price Promise?”

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