Refurbishment decant scheme

Are you interested in the Lancaster West Refurbishment Decant Scheme?

Your Questions Answered

Why is the decant scheme being introduced?

The Decant Scheme is being introduced as a voluntary option, for residents who wish to minimise the disruption of living through refurbishment to their home, and potentially needing to move twice – into temporary accommodation, and then back again.

Who can apply for the scheme? 

Residents with a secure tenancy agreement whose current home is about to undergo major internal refurbishment work. You will be notified if your property falls into this category by the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team.

How will the scheme work?

Once your application has been reviewed and meets the criteria or is successful, you will be shown an equivalent sized property when they become available. When you have seen one you like, the team will transfer you to the new home and this will become your new permanent home.

Will the scheme cost me anything?

No – as long you do not have debt on your rent account or have adhered to an agreed payment plan to clear any debt for at least three months, you will be eligible subject to terms and conditions.

Can I move to a bigger property?

No. Under this scheme you can only move to an identically sized property.

If I apply for the Decant Scheme, how long will it be before I can move into my new home?

This depends on the availability of a refurbished property which is acceptable to you. We will only offer the scheme to households when we have an appropriately sized refurbished property available elsewhere on the estate.