Refurbishment of my home FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know what work is going to be carried out?

How will properties be ordered in the refurbishment?

Can I refuse to have work carried out?

Why is my neighbour getting different works to me?

What happens if workers cannot access my property on the day that works are due to start?

What will you do to help us live with the disruption?

Can I access my property while the works are being carried out if I am in temporary decant?

What will happen to my belongings?

What will happen with storage and removals?

Can I only have the kitchen cupboard door fronts replaced when down for a kitchen refurbishment?

What will happen when/if I decide to switch from Gas to Electric for cooking if my block is on communal heating?

If I’ve had a new bathroom, but not to the current void specification, would I still qualify for installation of a bidet hose which I would want but was never offered previously?

How will homes be ventilated?

Will I get a choice of how my home looks?

How long will the works take?

Will I need to move out of my property?

Will the refurbishment deliver the same high specification as seen in the completed void properties?

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