Looking for some furniture?

ReStore is a new furniture and white good recycling hub based on Lancaster West Estate. 
We store and distribute furniture and household goods... Saving items from landfill, and saving you some money!
The service is open to all Notting Dale residents and is completely FREE. 
If you have an item to donate, please use this donation form.
If you're looking for some furniture...Please browse our current inventory below, and log a request using our request form.
Please note: deliveries are only free within Notting Dale. 
Request an item here!

Throwing out some furniture?

If you have an item of furniture you no longer want, you might be able to donate it to ReStore instead! Doing this would save your item from going to landfill, and instead give it a new lease of life. 
We can generally accept all items that are in working condition. 
We can also accept some items that might be broken or need some repairs. We'll fix them up and get them to a new home. This depends on the item and the nature of the repairs, so let us know the details using the form below.

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