Treadgold House FAQs

Energy Measurements FAQs

What does thermal performance mean?

Who will carry out the measurements?

Does someone need to visit my home?

How will the sensors be installed?

Can I move the sensors whilst they are in my home?

How will my data be used, who does it go to?

What Covid-19 protection measures will be taken during the visits?

Treadgold House Mustbe0 funding opportunity FAQs:

What is the minimum percentage of residents approval for the proposal to go forward?

What different types of insulation are there?

How disruptive will it be?

Would the external insulation help with damp and mould on external walls?

How will we complete a thorough consultation process given the short timeframe?

How efficient would a heat pump be in different outdoor temperatures?

Are there plans in place to help residents with disruption?

Will there be new homes built on the top of the building?

What about investment into a playground or green space?