Why Sustainability Matters

Sustainability and Internal Refurb - Making Lancaster West sustainable by 2030

What do we mean by sustainability?

Why does the estate need to become more sustainable?

What are our sustainability goals?

Are you being ambitious enough about reducing carbon emissions?

Sustainability and Internal refurb - Refurbishment and Delivery

What works will be done on the estate to meet these sustainability goals?

What is already being done to make the estate more sustainable?

How will this affect individual properties?

Will these changed address problems of overheating?

Is anything being done to recycle waste from the refurbishment (such as windows and kitchen unites)?

Sustainability and Internal refurb - Cost

Where will the money come from for this?

Will this increase costs for residents?

Will there be any cost benefit to residents?

Sustainability and Internal refurb - Measuring success

What does success look like?

How are we calculating the carbon emissions of the estate exactly, so we can show beyond doubt that we are on track to become a net-zero carbon estate? Can we share this tracker with residents, and be transparent about the way it is calculated?

What are smart meters and how will they benefit us?