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Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team's e-van fleet has expanded

February 2022

We have added two more electric vans to our fleet which means we now have four electric vans for our operatives to use when they are carrying out repairs and refurbishments around the estate.

Since March 2020, our existing two electric vans have helped to reduce our carbon emissions by 316.2kg. Our two new electric vans will double that amount.

First bio-solar roof on Lancaster West Estate

march 2022 

The roof has a very low u-value, meaning it keeps the heat inside homes in winter and sun’s heat out in the summer. 

A1 non-combustible insulation has been used, improving safety as well as energy performance. 

Every element of the roof has been co-designed with residents, including the green roof and Grenfell heart motif. 

The green roof will absorb 18 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year as well as almost a kilogram a year of airborne pollutants. 

Free work and study spaces for residents of Lancaster West

february 2022

The Garden Café at the front of Baseline Studios on Lancaster West is open to estate residents as a space to work and study. 

We have free superfast Wi-Fi, refreshments and access to printing and photocopying facilities. The Garden Café is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. 

LWNT has a range of respite offers for residents as the estate-wide refurbishment goes ahead. You can find out more by following the link below.
refurbishment respite

LWNT’s green transport

march 2022

Following the success of using peddle-powered cargo bikes to transport materials around Lancaster West, we’ve invested in electric cargo bikes and trikes. 

This means LWNT are able to get around the neighbourhood more quickly and quietly, reducing our reliance on vans.

You can find out more about how we are reducing our carbon footprint on the estate by following the link below. 
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Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team provides an opportunity for students to obtain on site knowledge and skills with real-life work experience.

February 2022

Congratulations to Eva who has just completed her 75 hrs work experience in her electrical traineeship course with the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team. 

Eva is currently on a training scheme with Presidency London College, an independent training provider based in North Kensington. 

They deliver Apprenticeships and Traineeship programmes across London.

Accessible homes for the whole community

february 2022

A part of our ambition to make homes more suitable for older residents and those with physical disabilities, we are reviewing aids and adaptation we are able to offer – and ensuring that they look good as well! 

This brushed steel handrail offers the support of a grab rail whilst also providing a space for plants.  

Making small changes like this can make it more comfortable for you to live in your home, and our estate. If you would like an assessment for aids and adaptations for your home, please get in touch.
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LancWest Works: Helping Lancaster West residents into work

february 2022

LancWest Works is an initiative to support Lancaster West residents living on the estate by giving them an opportunity to apply to work with the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team or partners in a paid position, to achieve their career and financial aspirations.

We are currently hiring a Resident Engagement Assistant and have a number of training and career coaching opportunities. 

To apply or find out more please follow the link below.
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Sustainability Series: Sustainable Period Products

february 2022

In February, we were joined by Fee from TOTM, a planet-friendly period care company and Ella Daish, an environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign.

To watch the recording and find out more about the sustainability series please follow the link below.
the sustainability series

Residents refurbishment questions answered

February 2022

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have put together the most frequently asked questions by residents about the estate-wide refurbishment to help residents find out more information. 

In the new FAQ pages you can find answers to questions on the refurbishment of your home, the refurbishment of your block, the new heating and hot water network, the respite offer, and any questions specific to leaseholders.

If your question hasn’t been answered please contact us on email at or by phone on 0800 389 2005.
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