Active and sustainable travel 

Active travel refers to modes of transport that are better for the environment and for our health, including cycling, walking, skating, or taking public transport. Travelling sustainably comes with multiple benefits, including: 
  • Keeping healthy by walking and cycling to your destinations 
  • Saving money 
  • Reducing your carbon emissions and environmental impact
  • Reducing your contribution to air pollution in London 
  • It's quicker than you think - on average you can walk a mile in 15-20 minutes, or cycle this in 5! 
It all adds up!
  • Choosing to commute by walking or cycling, just once a week, could save around 29kg of CO2 a year
  • Reducing your case use by 1/4 could save up to £202 in fuel costs and 510kg of CO2 a year 
  • Walking, cycling or wheeling reduces congestion and pollution, making local spaces quieter and healthier 

FREE Bicycle Mechanic Training

Learn how to become a bike mechanic for FREE with Bike Works 3-day mechanic training, if you are a RBKC resident!Find out more by emailing

New bicycle repair stands installed on Lancaster West Estate!

3 bicycle repair stands have been installed outside Barandon Walk, Hurstway Walk (by Latimer Rd tube station) and by Talbot Grove House! 
They include all the tools necessary to fix your bike, plus a bicycle tyre pump!
See where these are on a map here

Have you got an old bike you don't use and would like to donate? 

Donate your old bicycle to The Bike Project via Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team! The Bike Project are taking second-hand bikes, fixing them up, and donating them to refugees and people seeking asylum in London and Birmingham. Having fled persecution in their country of origin, most refugees arrive in the UK with nothing, and having a bicycle helps them access food banks, legal advice, healthcare, education and more. Research shows cycling improves health, helps reduce levels of depression and stress, and empowers refugees. You can find out more information here:
If you have a bicycle to donate, please fill out the form by clicking below: