Notting Dale Heat Network

Notting Dale Heat Network

The Notting Dale Heat Network will offer renewable heating and hot water to all homes on Lancaster West. The heat network will replace polluting, gas boilers and enable Lancaster West to become carbon neutral by 2030. 
To find out more about how the new heat network will impact you, check out the information below. 

Find out more about the Notting Dale Heat Network here!

Will the new renewable heat network affect housing benefits?

What do housing benefits cover? 
Housing benefits only cover rent, not weekly service charges, such as heat and hot water
Why is heating not included in rent?
Consumable services like fuel for heating cannot be included in rent. They are added to a weekly bill as a service charge. On Lancaster West, residents’ heating and hot water is listed as ‘H&HW Charge’ in service charges on your rent bill.  
Are any heating charges included in rent? 
Some heating charges are included in rent. Costs for maintenance and administration of heating are included. Rent is set nationally and adjusted locally by the Council. The heat network installation won’t change the cost of your rent.
Will the heat network change things?
Housing benefits will still cover your rent. Heating and hot water will still be charged separately to rent. Once the new renewable heat network is up and running, and a tenant’s home is fully refurbished (external included), you will pay for the heat and hot water used in your home, rather than a share of gas used across the Estate. You can control how much heat and hot water you use, and what your bills will be.   
Where is there more information on rent and service charges? 
For independent information, check out Shelter England’s website. If you have more questions about the heat network please contact: or ring 0800 389 2005

How will the renewable heat network deliver reliable heat?

Replacing the existing gas and temporary boilers at Lancaster West with a new renewable energy centre will improve the reliability of heating in homes from Autumn 2024. 
The current communal heat network at Lancaster West Estate has no back-up heating system when the boilers fail, as many residents will unfortunately have experienced. 
The renewable heat network will have several layers of back-up in addition to the thermal store and electric boiler and an on-site gas boiler will be maintained for emergency use.

The heat source

The technologies used by the new renewable energy centre are common in Denmark. Almost 50% of heat networks in Copenhagen use renewable heat sources. We will be using a commercial air source heat pump on Lancaster West Estate. 
Heat will be generated using the large air source heat pump, with a thermal store acting as a back-up to the system. It will store heat generated overnight. An electric boiler will provide additional top-up heating whenever required.   

Heat delivery

Each residential block on the Estate will also have pipework and a concrete stand designed so that a temporary boiler could be installed easily if ever required. 
Steel pipes will be installed underground, with remote leak sensors. This means that any leaks can be detected quickly. 

The energy source

The main energy source is green electricity taken from the grid. This is boosted by electricity generated locally using solar panels.

Have you got more questions about the heat network?

You can email Janet Hall, Heat Network Engagement Manager 

Co-designed renewable energy centre designs reveal

Thank you to all residents who provided feedback on the energy centre designs for the Notting Dale Heat Network in December 2022. 
Over 100 residents viewed the exhibits and had their say on plans for a renewable energy centre which is part of a new heat network for Lancaster West Estate. 
The architects have updated the designs to reflect your preferences and feedback. You can see what these look like at our next, and final, round of co-design exhibitions. We are inviting residents to see the new designs and provide final feedback and comments. 
Following this we will submit a planning application in the coming months. 
Kensington Leisure Centre, Silchester Road, W11 4HE  Tuesday 28 March 9am - 2pmWednesday 29 March 10am – 2pmThursday 30 March 4pm - 7pmMonday 3 April 3-7pm
Please drop in at any time suitable for you. You will be able to meet the architects, Tonkin Lui, who created the designs and speak to LWNT’s heat network team about the project.

Results from renewable energy centre co-design sessions are out!

112 residents attended the co-design sessions held at Kensington Leisure Centre and a total of 52 completed surveys were received. 
Survey results and your comments will be shared with the design and planning teams ahead of finalising the renewable energy centre design later this year.  
Where could the warm water store go? 
  • First choice (32%) is a site outside Kensington Leisure Centre’s main entrance
  • In close second, was the site outside the old Leisure Centre entrance opposite Kensington Aldridge Academy 
  • 61% would like to see the warm water store located outside
What else could the warm water store do for the local area? 
  • 72% would like to see lighting effects included
  • 53% would like to see a sculptural design used
  • 40% would like to see a gathering place incorporated 
  • 36% would like to see educational opportunities

Your comments 
  • “Vandalism, security and safety, especially for children should be considered”, “I like the viewing windows, an opportunity for children to learn about sustainability”, “I like the pattern in the metal, it needs to be done well”
There will be another opportunity to join the renewable energy centre design in Spring. More information to follow soon. 

Thank you to residents who came along to the co-design events!

Thank you to all residents who came along to one of our three heat network co-design events earlier in December. We had over 100 residents through the door!  
Residents were able to meet the Heat Network team and architects from Tonkin Liu to learn more about and have their say on plans for a renewable energy centre which is part of a new heat network for Lancaster West Estate. 
If you were unable to attend, you can find a short YouTube video explaining the information boards. Please use this to complete the survey. Thank you.

Co-design the new renewable energy centre

Join one of our resident co-design events for the renewable energy centre for Lancaster West. Drop-in for 5-10 mins to see the concept design exhibition or spend the afternoon with us at a creative workshop for all ages.  
What is the renewable energy centre? The renewable energy centre, powered by green electricity will generate heating and hot water for all homes across Lancaster West by 2024. 
Drop-in Check out architectural options for the renewable energy centre, let us know what you think. 
Creative workshop for all ages Join our creative workshop, suitable for all-ages. We will paint, draw, photograph and chat together. Nature around the Estate, the sky, trees, and plants will be our inspiration. Renewable energy centre architects, Tonkin Liu will use resident creations as inspiration for the renewable energy centre design. 

Heat Network architects Tonkin Liu appointed

Meet Tonkin Liu Architects, who have been appointed to design the renewable energy centre for Lancaster West’s new heat network. 
The London-based architecture practice was appointed to the project through a design competition. Architects with energy centre experience submitted their design ideas, and Tonkin Liu was selected by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team and residents as winners. 
Reacting to the appointment Tonkin Liu Architects’ director Anna Liu said: “We are incredibly honoured to be architects for a project with a vision to create London’s largest eco-neighbourhood. Our inspiration has drawn on trees as a fitting symbol for an energy and community network" 

Notting Dale Heat Network 

A renewable heat network could provide all homes at Lancaster West Estate with heating and hot water from a renewable energy centre.
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Renewable heat network poll results are in!

83% of residents at Lancaster West who voted support a new renewable heat network.

We recently asked residents if they support a new renewable heat network at Lancaster West. 47 residents voted on the heat network and shared their requirements for the new heating system. 
Residents want to see a good quality system installed that will provide reliable heating and hot water, improved heat controls, and no extra costs. 
Over the next few weeks, we will be looking for contractors to deliver the renewable heat network and satisfy these resident requirements. If you would like to help us in that process, or want to find out more about the heat network email

Resident Procurement Panel

Who will build our heat network?

We will soon be advertising for contractors to build the renewable heat network at Lancaster West. We would like to see lots of residents involved with this process, so that the appointed contractors understand who their end customers are and the high-quality service which will be expected. 
You can get involved by volunteering for a working group that will set questions to potential suppliers or score bids from the comfort of your own home. 
Choose a way that suits you! If you are interested in helping us select the heat network contractors, please click on the button to complete this quick form online. 
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Renewable heat network Emerging Preferences and Choices – Midway results.

160 Lancaster West residents from eight blocks have responded to the Emerging Preferences and Choices survey. We still need to survey the Walkways and Camborne Mews, but in the meantime, we would like to share the midway results! In preparation for the new renewable heat network, we asked residents to give their preferences on heat control and payment systems.

New heating & hot water FAQS

Notting Dale Heat Network - Engagement Report

Your Refurb, Your Choice: Future heating and hot water

On March 29th 2021, the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team held an online meeting with the residents of the Lancaster West Estate. We discussed the future of the heating and hot water on the estate. The meeting was hosted by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team's Shaun Haden with Jeff Laidler and Janet Hall and Neil Griffiths from TACE. Residents had the opportunity to ask questions.

Your Refurb, Your Choice: Future Heating & Hot Water