Say goodbye to gas in your home

Goodbye Gas

In order to meet Lancaster West’s ambitious target of being Carbon Neutral by 2030, Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is replacing gas powered heating, hot water, and appliances with renewable energy on the Estate. This goal is in line with the UK government’s target to phase out gas boilers by 2035 and will help to ensure that residents are set up on a new clean, green system before this point. 
Here you can find information on the benefits on removing gas from your home and how you can remove it for free.
Get your goodbye gas offer

What is the Goodbye Gas offer?

Free electric ovens with induction hobs

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team are offering all residents on the estate, who currently use a gas hob or oven, a free electric oven with induction or ceramic hob to replace their existing gas oven and hob.

Free induction pots and pans

LWNT will give you a set of five new induction pans worth £60. Alternatively, we can offer a free set of induction disks that go underneath you your existing pans so you can still use them.

Free gas meter removal 

LWNT can help you to contact your supplier and cover the cost of removing the meter.

Improve the safety and energy efficiency of your home

Induction hobs are more energy efficient than gas hobs because less heat is lost while you’re cooking, and they cook at a faster speed too. Induction hobs can boil a pan of water in half the time it would take on a gas hob! Induction hobs are also more energy efficient than electric hobs, meaning the running cost of an induction hob is half that of an electric hob. The cost of boiling a large pan of water on an induction hob is 3.98p, in comparison to 6.9p on an electric hob. Induction hobs are also safer and help to improve air quality in your home.

By replacing gas hobs with induction hobs, you can save 40.6kg of carbon every year!
Removing gas hobs and ovens has also been shown to create healthier environments and reduce the risk of illnesses, such as asthma.

Say goodbye to gas in your home

Once you have replaced the gas appliances in your home, you will no longer need a gas meter in your home. It is important to remove the gas meter to prevent paying unnecessary standing charges from your energy company even if you are not using gas anymore. You can get your gas meter removed by contacting your gas supplier and asking them to remove it. Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team can help you to contact your supplier and cover the cost of removing the meter.   
Residents with gas ‘combi’ boilers in Treadgold House, Camborne Mews and Verity Close won’t be able to remove gas fully from their properties until their blocks go through the external refurbishment programme, however, resident’s in these blocks can still claim a free electric oven with induction hob, and pots and pans in the meantime.
This offer is also available to leaseholders as it is an improvement to your home, rather than a repair, and necessary to complete the external refurbishment.