ما خدمات گسترده ای را به Lancaster West Estate و محله گسترده تر ارائه می دهیم.

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Could you be…a resident board member?

May 2022

We are looking for two residents living on Lancaster West to become paid board members of the Notting Dale Heat Board

Notting Dale Heat has been set up to build, operate and maintain the Notting Dale Heat Network for Lancaster West.

The role can be carried out alongside existing employment or provide valuable work experience for those seeking employment. No previous board experience is required.

Find out more and how to apply by following the link below.
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Happy Earth Day on Lancaster West

April 2022

To celebrate Earth Day this year we want to take a moment to thank all the local residents who have worked to make Lancaster West Estate a more green and sustainable community. 

Today residents and garden volunteers were taught more about worms, soil and how to use worms to reduce organic waste, led by community interest company The Urban Worm

It’s part of an 8-week free gardening course for local residents. If you’re a local resident you too can join #LancWestGrowsBest free gardening course every Friday for three hours from 10am until 27 May. 

Heat Network Roadshow week at Lancaster West

April 2022

The roadshow is a resident co-design event for the renewable energy centre site selection and to generate initial ideas for its design. 

The energy centre will make renewable heating and hot water available to every home on Lancaster West by 2030. Alongside this, the refurbishment programme will deliver new heating systems and heat controls, changing how you heat your home. 
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Lancaster West’s new water bottle refill station

March 2022

There’s a new bottle refill station outside the Tea Garden on Lancaster West.

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team hopes this new drinking water fountain will help encourage reuse and refill, which in turn will help to keep Lancaster West plastic free! 

As bottled water is around 900 times more carbon intensive than tap water, switching to reusable water bottles is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and is a small step to helping with the ambitious target of becoming a carbon-neutral estate by 2030! 

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