Future Neighbourhood Vision

What is the Lancaster West Future Neighbourhood Vision?

The Lancaster West Future Neighbourhood Vision is a vision for community services and assets on and around the Lancaster West Estate. This vision has been co-designed with residents to support:  
  • Join up services in the area based on a thorough understanding of needs and wants of residents
  • Bring a holistic approach to coordinating investment, new homes at social rent, and improving the public realm in the area 
  • Improve visioning around transport, connectivity and accessibility across the area 
  • Help establish a framework of ongoing health interventions in partnership with the NHS 
  • Place a green recovery at the heart of Grenfell recovery. 

How we co-designed the Lancaster Future Neighbourhood Vision?

We worked our partners Arup who pulled together a team of designers, planners, sustainability and engagement experts to support take us through this journey in co-designing this Future Neighbourhood Vision together with residents and key stakeholders across Lancaster West Estate. 
Arup is a global firm with experience delivering similar projects involving co-design and a community-centred approach. 

Using a variety of engagement approaches, events and channels, we met with over 50 residents and collected over 300 individual comments about what people want to see from the services on and around their estate. 

Working with residents we have identified 23 pilot projects to further explore in the themes of: 

  • Maximising Financial Opportunities 
  • Health and Wellbeing 
  • Sustainability and Green Estate 
  • Connected Community with Increased Levels of Equality

Lancaster West Future Neighbourhood Vision Programme

Lancaster West Future Neighbourhood Vision Timeline