How to lower your hot water costs

Heating and hot water accounts for about half of a typical home’s energy bills. An efficient and well-maintained heating system can make a noticeable difference in terms of energy usage and cost savings. 
- Keep your shower time brief. According to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing a single bath each week with a 5-minute shower can help save up to £20 on energy bills and up to £25 on water bills each year.
- To ensure your hot water remains at a safe temperature, it's important to set your water heater thermostat to 60°C or higher. This helps prevent the growth of legionella bacteria, which can thrive in water below this temperature. Additionally, consider scheduling regular maintenance for your water heater and flushing it annually to remove sediment. Insulating hot water pipes can also help minimize heat loss. These straightforward measures not only ensure hot water safety and efficiency but also contribute to cost savings.
Use water-efficient appliances. When it's time to replace appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines, opt for models with high energy and water efficiency ratings. These appliances use less water and energy per cycle, resulting in cost savings over their lifespan.