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3 new bike pumps installed across Lancaster West

August 2023
3 new bicycle repair pumps have been recently installed around Lancaster West Estate - outside Baseline Studios, outside Hurstway Walk near Latimer Road station, and at Talbot Grove House by the ball pens.
These free repair stands include all the necessary tools to fix you bicycle, including a pump for your tires, spanners and screwdrivers, and other tools. 
Cycling is an easy and low-impact way to stay healthy, helping to protect you from diseases such as strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis. Also, cycling can reduce your exposure, and contribution towards, air pollution. As opposed to driving, motorcycling, or taking the tube, cycling produces zero carbon emissions.

Free period products available at Baseline Studios

August 2023
LWNT have teamed up with Hey Girls to offer residents a range of free period products!
Available to collect at Baseline Studios, the aim of this partnership is to decrease period poverty in our neighbourhood and provide materials to get us all educated on periods. 
So, come along to Unit 1 Baseline Studios on a Wednesday between 10am-11am to pick up FREE period products for you and your family! 

Treadgold House Pocket Park 

July 2023
Councillor Kim Taylor-Smith, Deputy Leader of RBKC sits with Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team’s James Caspell on the newly installed Treadgold House Pocket Park. 
This moveable green seating area currently on Lancaster Green has been co-designed with Treadgold House residents. 
It has been supported by the Mayor of London’s Future Neighbourhood 2030 Fund. The pocket park features a mix of edible and climate resilient planting, shaded areas, and its own green roof.  

General Property MOT

July 2023Are there any repairs needed in your home?
Contact LWNT for a General Property MOT 
The General Property MOT gives residents the opportunity to request a member of LWNT to come and survey their property and identify any repairs, or improvements we can make to the quality of your home before things go wrong! 
We will be contacting all residents over the next few months to offer a visit. However, if you already have any concerns, please reach out to LWNT on 0800 389 2005 to book a MOT as soon as possible.
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Camborne Mews pop-up event

July 2023
Thank you to all Camborne Mews residents who attended the July 2023 Emerging Preferences and Choices pop - up event for the refurbishment of their block and homes. 
Residents were able to see the new designs, ask questions, view material samples, and talk to the team from the Notting Dale Heat Network. 
Please remember to fill in your refurbishment survey by midnight Sunday 30 July to give your choices. 

Sign up to LancWest Careers and you could win a £50 online voucher!

August 2023
Are you looking to apply for jobs? 
Feeling stuck and need some advice on your next steps?
Or want to connect with professionals to advance your career? 
Our new LancWest careers page means you can do this - all from your home! It's simple. Sign up online by following the link below!
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Money MOT scheme for Lancaster West residents

July 2023
Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have partnered with local organisation Nova to provide Lancaster West residents with financial support. Whether you need support with rent arrears, applying for benefits and benefit recalculations, employment or anything else related to your finances, we are here to help.  
Click below for more information
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Unlock Net Zero Live Award winners 2023!

June 2023
We’re delighted to announce that Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team has won in 2 categories at this year’s Unlock Net Zero Live Awards: The Biodiversity and Nature Award: PlanBee Innovation of the Year – Energy Provision: Goodbye Gas
The Unlock Net Zero Live awards seek to recognise and champion progress on building new low carbon homes and spaces whilst ensuring existing homes are refurbished to reach the UK Government’s target of net zero emissions by 2050.
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New Employment and Training Hub is open

May 2023
In collaboration with LWRA, a new Employment and Training Hub has opened on Lancaster West Estate. This space was created with input from over 200 residents as part of our Future Neighbourhood Vision and will offer training, courses, workshops, and employment support for North Kensington. 
Residents interested in hosting a class or using the space can contact Felicity at  

Treadgold House works now on site!

May 2023
Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is pleased to announce that the first phase of construction works at Treadgold House on Lancaster West are underway. It will be the first block on the estate to go carbon-neutral. United Living were awarded the contract. 
Energy efficient improvements being delivered include triple glazed windows, solar PV panels, non-combustible wall, floor, and roof insulation, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, the removal of gas to be replaced with an Air Source Heat Pump, as well as comprehensive internal refurbishment. 
 As well as reducing the energy demand of the building, this work will mean residents benefit from substantially lower energy bills, reduced need for repairs and maintenance, better air quality, reduced noise from outside, and more comfortable homes. 
This energy efficient retrofit is part of LWNT’s commitment to make Lancaster West model a 21st century model estate that is carbon-neutral by 2030. Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team and Energiesprong UK have worked together to secure £1.5m of funding through the Mustbe0 project, funded by the Interreg NWE Programme through the European Regional Development Fund. 

Improving the energy efficiency of your home through LWNT’s Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Scheme

May 2023
The Thermal Imaging Camera Loan Scheme, part of LWNT’s Green Skills Academy, aims to help residents identify areas where heat is escaping from their homes by detecting air leaks and thermal bridging around roof joints, walls, windows, doors, and cracks in the building's fabric. 
Weak spots will appear in deep purple on the screen, making it easy for residents to identify areas that need improvement. Support is available, including free draft excluders and a free Google Nest smart thermostat offer for Lancaster West residents, as well as energy advice. 
RBKC is the first council in the UK to offer this scheme, which has been featured in the Evening Standard (see article below). The loan scheme is available to all RBKC residents, regardless of tenure. If you are interested in borrowing a camera, please contact Hazel at 
Evening Standard article

MVHR systems piloted on Lancaster West Estate

MAY 2023

As part of the energy efficient refurbishment of Lancaster West Estate, LWNT are piloting the installation of the Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems. 
These heating systems circulate the air in homes; removing stale, humid air and bringing in fresh cool air. This will help save on energy usage in a cost-of-living crisis. This heating system not only maximizes thermal performance but also purifies the air. The system also constantly circulates air to improve ventilation and indoor air quality, keeping homes fresh. 
This is another example of the sustainability measures being installed on the estate to help Lancaster West reach its goal of Net-Zero by 2030.    

LWNT secures grant funding from Mayor of London's Green and Resilient Fund!

April 2023

LWNT is delighted to have been awarded £40,000 in grant funding from the Green and Resilient Spaces Fund. 
The Green and Resilient Spaces Fund is part of the Mayor’s Green New Deal, which invests in projects that transform grey spaces into green and fully maximise green and blue infrastructure whilst responding to the needs of residents.
As Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team aims to co-design and deliver a 21st-century model social housing estate that is carbon-neutral by 2030, all aspects of future landscape projects from planning, delivery and evaluation stages will involve residents, aiming to create a safe, natural, and inviting place to live. 

Are you worried about condensation or mould? 

April 2023

LWNT is offering residents free support to tackle potential condensation and mould in their homes – including before it starts! 
If you are concerned about this potential problem in your home, reach out to LWNT on 0800 389 2005 to organise a time for a surveyor to come and inspect your home. 
The team will then come up with an action plan to help you tackle the issue, or at least monitor the risks. These plans range from preventative measures like installing smart thermometers that track humidity levels, to full mould removal toolkits, including removal sprays and moisture absorbers. 
If you’d like any more information, please contact 
Why is condensation a problem? 
Condensation is caused when warm, humid air meets a cold surface. It is perhaps the most common form of damp that can appear in your home and can cause structural damage to your property including wallpaper to peel away, damp patches to appear on walls and a build up of moisture, which causes streaming windows. 
Left untreated condensation can lead to mould growth which can be potentially harmful and lead to serious health issues and breathing difficulties which is why it is important to reduce humidity levels in a property. 
The reason condensation appears in your property is due to a lack of adequate ventilation which causes humidity levels to rise. As we spend more time indoors and make our property more energy efficient the build up of moisture and humidity levels increase. 
What tools are on offer? 
The air quality monitors we can provide will record the humidity in whichever room they are placed, and if it is above 60% for an extended period of time then you have a humidity problem.
If you have already noticed the growth of mould in your home, LWNT can provide free mould removal spray and a moisture absorber to place in the affected area. This will help stop the mould from returning.   

Lighting pilot at Testerton Walk

April 2023

The estate-wide refurbishment programme in the Walkways is moving forward with a pilot project at the southern end of Testerton Walk. 
The pilot project will use new energy efficient LED lighting for the communal area inside the entrance. These lights will be switched off or dimmed when not in use. 
The new lights will create lighting uniformity and avoid dark corners, but will keep the lighting level lower than before, thereby avoiding glare and improving resident wellbeing. This will brighten up the walkway to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and will improve the safety and security of public spaces. 
Types of lighting that will be trialled include:
  • Spotlight at the front entrance door 
  • Small linear lights integrated into the handrail - outdoors 
  • Handrail lighting along the staircase across all floors - indoors 
  • Lighting channel along the entrance with up and down lights 
  • Suspended pendant lights from the ceiling 
  • Flat entrance door lighting replaced with LED lights 
These new LED lights are cheaper to run, last longer and are more energy efficient than standard light bulbs, helping the estate reach its goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030. 

Join Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Community Roadshows!

April 2023

The Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 Community Roadshows are an opportunity for residents to share their priorities and aspirations for a greener Notting Dale in the next phase of the Notting Dale Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme. 
The environmental projects will improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions, help tackle social and health inequalities, improve green spaces and access to nature, address barriers to active travel, particularly for BAME and disabled residents, create more green jobs for residents, and support a more circular economy. 
Roadshows will be taking place: 
  • Saturday 22 April 2023 10am to 3pm at Kensington Leisure Centre 
  • Saturday 22 April 2023 2pm to 6pm at Avondale Park 
  • Wednesday 26 April 2023 10am to 3pm at Henry Dickens Community Centre
  • Wednesday 26 April 2023 2pm to 6pm at Latimer Tube Station & Latymer Church  
Join us to hear more about the programme and services already being delivered, and most importantly, share your views!  
Register and Find out more here

Say goodbye to gas in your home

April 2023
In order to meet Lancaster West’s ambitious target of being Carbon Neutral by 2030, Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is replacing gas powered heating, hot water, and appliances with renewable energy on the Estate. 
This goal is in line with the UK government’s target to phase out gas boilers by 2035 and will help to ensure that residents are set up on a new clean, green system before this point. 
You can find more information below on the benefits on removing gas from your home and how you can remove it for free. 
Get your goodbye gas offer

Collect a free respite brochure from Baseline Studios! 

MARCH 2023

LWNT now has printed copies of the 2023 respite brochure on offer in the garden café at Baseline Studios.
Please come by and pick up your copy today - for free! The new brochure is fully compostable, and carbon balanced, so when it is no longer needed it can be safely recycled. 
The respite offers were put together based on what residents told us they wanted, and their households’ needs. From over 200 suggestions, offers now cover: home and working life, creating spaces for work, study and quiet time, and recreational activities on and off the estate. 
Pop into Baseline Studios to pick up your free copy today!        

Find out more here

First friends and family move underway

March 2023

The first Lancaster West residents have claimed the Friends and Family Support respite offer. 
As there may be reasons why residents need to leave their home for the duration of the works, and may choose to stay with friends or family, LWNT can reimburse £100 per week per household to cover the costs.
The offer is open to residents who:
 • have homes undergoing major internal refurbishment work  • have a secure tenancy  • do not have rent debts on their account, or who have adhered to an agreed payment plan to clear any debt for at least three months 
LWNT put together the respite offers based on what residents told us they wanted, and their households’ needs. We had more than 200 suggestions from residents and offers created now cover: home and working life, creating spaces for work, study, and quiet time, and activities on and off the estate. 
To view the full respite brochure, and learn what offers you can apply for, click the image.  

Latest news for Treadgold House

MARCH 2023

Update on the refurbishment, new parklet design, respite offers and more in the latest Treadgold House newsletter.

Find out more here

We’re delighted to announce Phase 2 of funding from the Future Neighbourhoods Programme!

MARCH 2023

The Future Neighbourhoods 2030 programme was launched by the Mayor of London in 2021 to deliver projects that support a green recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. 
Notting Dale ward in North Kensington was selected as one of the two ‘future neighbourhoods’ to get funding for both projects and an environmental vision for the neighbourhood. 
An additional £784,420 has now been awarded by the Mayor of London through Phase 2 of the fund, and the Council has secured a further £2.375 million with internal and external funding to tackle environmental challenges while addressing health and social inequalities and supporting all Lancaster West and other council-owned housing in the borough to become net-zero carbon by 2030 and the wider borough by 2040. 
You can find out more about the Phase 1 and Phase 2 funded projects below!
Find out more here

Free smart thermostat offer

March 2023

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is excited to offer tenants, resident leaseholders and shared owners the installation of a Google Nest smart thermostat in your home – for free. 
The device gives you control of the temperature of your home and allows you to set the timer to suit you. You are able to monitor your usage, enabling you to reduce your energy consumption. The thermostat will be able to save around £100 per year in energy bills for the typical household.
The smart system learns from your behaviour. After using it for only a week, the Nest will begin to predict your habits, automatically adjusting your heating schedule to save energy when you don’t need it. Download the Nest App and it will recognise when your mobile leaves the vicinity, turning itself down to a set temperature. 222 residences have already opted into the offer. 
To find out how you can arrange your free installation call 0800 389 2005 or email

Apply for the VISA Scholarship Programme UK

MARCH 2023

The VISA Scholarship programme is designed to support students from underrepresented backgrounds to achieve their full potential. 
This opportunity is open to eligible students who are applying or intending to enrol as a full-time undergraduate in any accredited university in the UK. You’ll receive a scholarship of up to £9250 per year to help pay for your tuition fees and an ongoing programme of support throughout your academic study. Applications close on 26 March 2023. Find out more about what's in it for you, eligibility and scholar requirements below.

Find out more here

Clarendon Walk co-working space

January 2023

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team are excited to announce the launch of a brand new co-working space on the Lancaster West Estate for residents! 
The space is available for any resident, whether you need to work from home or need somewhere quiet to study. There are two workstations, super-fast wifi, a kitchen and a bathroom. 
The space must be pre-booked, and is available Monday-Friday, 9am-4.30pm. To book a date and time, please contact or 0800 389 2005. Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 
We also have drop-in work spaces at Baseline Studios, the Garden Café and private pods, where no booking is required.  

Delivering a co-designed neighbourhood vision at Lancaster West


Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team is delighted to have been featured in the One Public Estate Regional Bulletin. 
Highlighted was the co-design of the Neighbourhood Services Hub, which will improve services provided to the community. A pilot co-location hub is currently underway at Baseline Studios with local services such as the NHS, DWP, Nova and St. Giles Trust now being provided. Over 80 residents were supported through this work in 2022. 
The near completion of the new Employment and Digital Hub means further learning and employment support will be available to residents in 2023. This co-designed training resource is due to formally launch in the coming weeks. The team has also installed several new 1-2-1 and individual pods at Baseline Studios for residents and stakeholders to utilise for employment, training, or enterprise-related purposes. 
Plans are also underway to explore the development of over 30 new homes for social rent in Hurstway and Testerton Walk as part of the wider Neighbourhood Vision.   

Find out more here

Christmas party for Lancaster West!


Thank you to all residents who joined the Lancaster West Residents' Association's Christmas celebration on Saturday at Baseline Studios on Lancaster West Estate, supported by Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team.
There were lots of fun activities for the whole family from crafts and workshops to beauty treatments, poetry performances, pre-loved clothes rails, barber appointments, the opportunity to have a massage or facial and, of course a Christmas lunch! 
We hope everyone enjoyed the festive fun day!

Lancaster West receives air quality sensor


Lancaster West has been awarded a clean air sensor from the Breathe London Community Air Programme. 
The sensor empowers communities living in areas impacted by poor air quality and with limited green spaces to track their exposure to harmful pollution and raise awareness of the importance of clean air. 
The data will be analysed by scientists from Imperial College London, alongside sensors from 40 other communities, to provide access to real-time data on local air pollution. 
The project is supported by the Mayor of London and Bloomberg Philanthropies, working with researchers at Imperial College, and aims to reach vulnerable groups including low-income populations and Londoners from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds. ” 
Photo by Jo Mieszkowski/Imperial College London

The Home Project delivered by Lancaster West resident Sion

NOvember 2022

Have you spotted the resident portrait photos around Lancaster West Estate? It’s part of The Home Project, delivered by Lancaster West resident Sion, who has photographed and interviewed five residents who have lived on the Lancaster West Estate the longest. 
The portraits are up around the estate to celebrate their stories and what brings the community together. 
The Home Project is part of the Lancaster West Community Fund, set up as part of the refurbishment of the estate. It is in partnership with Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team (LWNT), and the Lancaster West Residents’ Association (LWRA). 
The seven projects awarded funding have been delivered throughout the last year, primarily benefiting the residents living on Lancaster West Estate. 
You can find more on Sion’s photography through Instagram: @thoughtography_ 

LWNT's Green Skills Academy 

NOvember 2022

A warm welcome to Hazel and Karina! They have secured the first work placements through Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team’s Green Skills Academy. 
The Green Skills Academy is set up to provide training and opportunities for residents and staff to develop their skills and knowledge within the green sector. 
Through working with Generation, we were able to offer training in retrofitting with both Hazel and Karina graduating from the Junior Retrofit Advisor Programme. 
They will now be helping, with their knowledge and expertise to fulfil our ambition to make Lancaster West carbon-neutral by 2030. 
We will be promoting further opportunities in green construction, sustainability and horticulture soon!

Walkways refurbishment 

NOvember 2022

Thank you to all Walkways residents who came along to the Emerging Preferences and Choices Open House event on 3 November. We had nearly 100 residents through the door! 
Residents were able to see examples of the new triple-glazed window, balcony upgrades, the new ventilation system, wall insulation and more. 
Residents were able to speak to LWNT and give their preferences and choices on the upcoming refurbishment of the block. 

Grow2Know walkways wildlife project community planting day


Thank you to everyone who joined us on 26 October at the community planting day hosted by Grow2Know, joined by the Natural History Museum. 
We had a fun day of planting and exploring with the Natural History Museum scientists, using environmental DNA, to find a rise in the number of DNA species in the soil, from ants, beetles, dragonflies and more! We also made some bird feeders and mixed up some herbal remedies for teabags (and baths too!) 
Stay tuned to get involved with more events hosted by Grow2Know and gardening projects at Lancaster West. 

Lancaster West’s new water bottle refill station

March 2022

There’s a new bottle refill station outside the Tea Garden on Lancaster West.
Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team hopes this new drinking water fountain will help encourage reuse and refill, which in turn will help to keep Lancaster West plastic free! 
As bottled water is around 900 times more carbon intensive than tap water, switching to reusable water bottles is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and is a small step to helping with the ambitious target of becoming a carbon-neutral estate by 2030! 

Happy Earth Day on Lancaster West

April 2022

To celebrate Earth Day this year we want to take a moment to thank all the local residents who have worked to make Lancaster West Estate a more green and sustainable community. 
Today residents and garden volunteers were taught more about worms, soil and how to use worms to reduce organic waste, led by community interest company The Urban Worm
It’s part of an 8-week free gardening course for local residents. If you’re a local resident you too can join #LancWestGrowsBest free gardening course every Friday for three hours from 10am until 27 May. 

Lancaster West Community Fridge on BBC Radio 2 and The One Show!

mAY 2022

Lancaster West Community Fridge was featured on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show and The One Show sharing the everyday things we can all do to help the planet. Emma, who volunteers at the fridge on Lancaster West every week, talked about the impact the fridge has on the local community, and what they are doing to tackle food waste. 
The fridge is based at North Kensington Resource Centre between Testerton and Hurstway Walk on Lancaster West Estate and is open twice a week: Wednesday 2.30-5.30pm and Thursday 12-3pm. It's open to all local residents to come, share food and recipes, and has become a space to socialise. 
You can watch Emma on The One Show by clicking on the link below. 
Watch now

New triple-glazed windows are being installed in several pilot properties

With a really low u-value (meaning only minimal amounts of heat can escape), the new windows also help to keep properties cool in summer with a special film that prevents solar gain inside properties. 
As well as improving indoor air quality by reducing the amount of road pollution that finds its way inside people’s homes, the windows also reduce noise transference from the outside.
New triple-glazed windows will be installed across all the homes we manage, meaning lower energy bills for residents than would otherwise be the case - with the ambition to be carbon-neutral by 2030.
Latest block designs

Our new reception area is now open at our offices at Baseline Studios!

This means visitors will now be greeted by our friendly team of Neighbourhood Services Advisors as you enter the building to help ensure you effortlessly receive the service that you need. 
All residents are welcome to visit new reception area, where we also offer free superfast Wi-Fi and complementary refreshments, including tea, coffee and cold drinks, for you to enjoy. 
Our opening times are between 8am – 6pm, with our dedicated reception area staffed between 9am – 5pm Monday - Friday.
Our FAQs

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team's e-van fleet has expanded

February 2022

We have added two more electric vans to our fleet which means we now have four electric vans for our operatives to use when they are carrying out repairs and refurbishments around the estate.
Since March 2020, our existing two electric vans have helped to reduce our carbon emissions by 316.2kg. Our two new electric vans will double that amount.

First bio-solar roof on Lancaster West Estate

march 2022 

The roof has a very low u-value, meaning it keeps the heat inside homes in winter and sun’s heat out in the summer. 
A1 non-combustible insulation has been used, improving safety as well as energy performance. 
Every element of the roof has been co-designed with residents, including the green roof and Grenfell heart motif. 
The green roof will absorb 18 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year as well as almost a kilogram a year of airborne pollutants. 

Free work and study spaces for residents of Lancaster West

february 2022

The Garden Café at the front of Baseline Studios on Lancaster West is open to estate residents as a space to work and study. 
We have free superfast Wi-Fi, refreshments and access to printing and photocopying facilities. The Garden Café is open from 9am-6pm Monday to Friday. 
LWNT has a range of respite offers for residents as the estate-wide refurbishment goes ahead. You can find out more by following the link below.
refurbishment respite

LWNT’s green transport

march 2022

Following the success of using peddle-powered cargo bikes to transport materials around Lancaster West, we’ve invested in electric cargo bikes and trikes. 
This means LWNT are able to get around the neighbourhood more quickly and quietly, reducing our reliance on vans.
You can find out more about how we are reducing our carbon footprint on the estate by following the link below. 
find out more

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team provides an opportunity for students to obtain on site knowledge and skills with real-life work experience.

February 2022

Congratulations to Eva who has just completed her 75 hrs work experience in her electrical traineeship course with the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team. 
Eva is currently on a training scheme with Presidency London College, an independent training provider based in North Kensington. 
They deliver Apprenticeships and Traineeship programmes across London.

Accessible homes for the whole community

february 2022

A part of our ambition to make homes more suitable for older residents and those with physical disabilities, we are reviewing aids and adaptation we are able to offer – and ensuring that they look good as well! 
This brushed steel handrail offers the support of a grab rail whilst also providing a space for plants.  
Making small changes like this can make it more comfortable for you to live in your home, and our estate. If you would like an assessment for aids and adaptations for your home, please get in touch.
GET in touch

LancWest Works: Helping Lancaster West residents into work

february 2022

LancWest Works is an initiative to support Lancaster West residents living on the estate by giving them an opportunity to apply to work with the Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team or partners in a paid position, to achieve their career and financial aspirations.
We are currently hiring a Resident Engagement Assistant and have a number of training and career coaching opportunities. 
To apply or find out more please follow the link below.
find out more

Sustainability Series: Sustainable Period Products

february 2022

In February, we were joined by Fee from TOTM, a planet-friendly period care company and Ella Daish, an environmental activist and founder of the #EndPeriodPlastic campaign.
To watch the recording and find out more about the sustainability series please follow the link below.
the sustainability series

Residents refurbishment questions answered

February 2022

Lancaster West Neighbourhood Team have put together the most frequently asked questions by residents about the estate-wide refurbishment to help residents find out more information. 
In the new FAQ pages you can find answers to questions on the refurbishment of your home, the refurbishment of your block, the new heating and hot water network, the respite offer, and any questions specific to leaseholders.
If your question hasn’t been answered please contact us on email at or by phone on 0800 389 2005.
Read the faqs